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Shelf Stopper

SKU GT-685-97-S

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The Steel Cable Gripper is used to suspend and secure glass, wood, and acrylic shelving on stainless-steel cables.

This cable suspension hardware is perfect for window displays, and also residential and commercial shelving applications.

The Steel Cable Gripper is secured to the cable with the supplied set screw and is fastened using the provided hex key.

For use with:
Tension Systems - Ceiling Coupler Systems, Steel Cable Systems

For use with

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    Additional Product Information

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    Material: Brass
    Profile: Round Available
    Colors: Satin Silver Finish
    Lower Diameter: 5/8"
    Upper Diameter: 1/4"
    Lower Height: 3/8" 
    Upper Height: 1/8"
    Weight Support: 12 lbs / 5.4kg

    Shelf Stopper set includes the following items:

    1 / Stopper
    1 / Set Screw
    1 / Hex Wrench