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Banner Hanging Kit - Fit Surface


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The Banner Hanging set easily attaches to both the top and bottom edge of your banner making for an easy installation and an elegant look.

The banner hanging set is perfect for trade-shows, retail, window displays, lobby's, airports, and any public space. Systematic Art is pleased to offer the banner hanging set in a silver satin finish and in various standard sizes that include 24", 36" and 48". 

Systematic Art can also manufacture made to order special sizes and colors. 

The Banner hanging kit includes (1) upper attachment rail, (1) lower support rail and all the necessary hardware to support your poster form either the ceiling or wall as shown in the products image gallery.  

For use with

    Fit Surface Poster hanging System

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    Product Information:

    Material: Aluminum
    Finish: Satin Silver
    Available Lengths: 24" / 36" /48"

    This item comes as a set with an upper and lower rail.

    This set also includes all of the necessary hardware to suspend a banner from either the ceiling or wall.


    Slim Fit:

    Included with set:

    1. Set of two rails one upper and one lower.

    2. Set of two Inserting hooks. (slides on to upper rail to support banner)

    3. Set of two 3 hole Ceiling attachments. (Is attached to ceiling to support cables)

    4. Set of two Stainless Steel Loop-Ended Cables. (3ft Each) Attaches to ceiling brackets for a suspended ceiling installation.

    5. Set of two adjoining hooks. (Attaches to loop-End cable and inserting hooks)

    6. 6 screws and 6 drywall anchors.