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Should Your School Be Using Acrylic Pocket Displays

It happens every year: someone's artwork in on display in the hallway and gets destroyed. It can be accidental, on purpose, or even routine: hallways are high-traffic environments filled with a lot of chaos and lines of children looking for something interesting. While that high visibility is precisely why children enjoy having artwork on display, it also means the artwork is exposed to hundreds of curious hands. Here's how acrylic pocket displays can make your hallway displays easier

The protective acrylic fronts keep the artwork safe.

Even if you have strict (and strictly followed) policies about people keeping their hands away from the artwork, accidents happen. Artwork displays lower than eye-level has a particularly hard time of things because turning students can accidentally scrape their backpacks along it or lean against it as they're sitting in the hallways. But the acrylic pockets protect the paper and help you return undamaged art pieces at the end of the unit. It also means your displays are ready for any surprise visitors and parent days.

You won't have to remove hundreds of staples at the end of the year.

Staples are the go-to hanging method in school because tape is unreliable and soft plastic sheets are temporary and almost as easily damaged as the artwork. But because the pocket displays let you clip artwork into place, you won't be left with a wall covered in staples at the end of the year when you'd rather just finish grades and go home rather than fix the walls. Also, some walls made of masonry blocks and concrete won't give you the option of using staples in the first place, so pocket displays help you make use of an otherwise unusable wall.

Professional-looking art displays combine function and form: they highlight your students' work and make both parents and administrators take a second look at the art. They also help you create displays that are secure, easy to maintain, and protect each assignment. Go to Systematic Art to find the display hardware that fits your hallway.