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Photo Display Systems for Airports, Libraries, and Public Meeting Halls

Photography displayed in local arts spaces and city buildings help people to connect to a time or place. The artwork often informs people about perspectives, stories, and ideas. Photo display systems are a way to visually organize the artwork so that people can appreciate a collection or theme.

Signs and Panel Supports

Clear photo holders, connected with high-quality hardware, create a grid system. The effect is similar to a mosaic and provides an eye-catching structure for displaying vibrant, high-quality photography.


Our adjustable edge grips hold panels with varying thickness and, offered in various finishes. Choose edge grips in silver tones for a professional, subtle look. We also offer brightly hued hardware to create an exciting, dynamic photo display look.


Durable acrylic panels provide a simple way to change out photography for various public art exhibits. The frameless design makes the photos the main focus. We sell panels in vertical or horizontal rectangle formats. Use these panels to display photos during juried art shows or public events. It's also possible to display photography at schools and non-profit organizations with these versatile panels.

Label Holders

At public art events, audiences want to know who took the photos and other details. Label holders provide a seamless, easy way to inform the public about the artist behind a photo or series of photos. Use these labels to inform about the artist, display art titles, and educate audiences about the photography.

We also offer photo sign suspension kits and other types of supports. To learn more about our options for photo display systems, keep browsing our site or contact us.