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3 Types of Local Artwork You Need in Your Restaurant

Customization isn't just for food. The best way to make your restaurant succeed in an overcrowded market is to make it unique and part of the community. Local art is a great way to do just that without breaking your budget on decorations. Here are three ways to make it happen:

Make your business approachable to local artists and art students. 

Chances are, they're trying to find a way to connect with you or your competitors, anyway. Hanging up local art is a mutually beneficial arrangement for you and the artist, even if you don't charge them for the wall space or take a cut if they sell the art. After all, most artists will become loyal customers if you're doing them a solid, and they'll bring others with them (especially college students).

Print photographs of local sites.

If you want to stay away from avant-garde statement pieces, go for photography instead. Take pictures of local historical sites, recognizable overlooks in nearby nature preserves, and anything that pulls together your community feel. Also, be open to having photographers come in for some local advertising.

Align your restaurant's theme with the local high school or college.

As long as there's not a problem with infringement, giving support to the local schools is a great way to fill your wall space and become a part of the community quickly. Depending on your restaurant, you can also work your way onto the short-list for catering, coupon books, and other shared fundraisers that schools use. Offering specials (or special open hours) around sporting and academic events can be great for business, too.

Once you know what your art plan is, browse our selection of art-hanging hardware to get it installed. Our hardware and hanging kits come in a wide variety of sizes and strengths so you can hang professional-looking displays for every design theme.