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3 Key Features of Good Window Display Hardware

Windows are valuable real estate, and every inch of available store space should be used for marketing. Sometimes that marketing takes the shape of window clings and branding with enough white space to draw attention to the name, but sometimes window displays are the best use of that free space. 

What are key features you should look for in window display hardware?

  • Do the protective covers truly protect the papers inside the display? If you have anything in the window, it's catching all of the sunlight streaming through that portion of the window, which means ultraviolet light is hitting the ink. Even if you change your displays weekly, sunlight can make the text and images fade to the point of illegibility, so find display cases that block ultraviolet light. Also look for cases with double-sided protection so the backs of papers and artwork are protected from liquid and physical damage.
  • Can you change the displays based on the size and shape of your available window space? Every storefront is different, and it can be hard to plan around doors, window decals, and any registration or certification in your window. Make sure your hardware can be rearranged to offset any obstructions and to frame your displays neatly. Whether this means shorter columns, narrow rows, or even a patchwork of pictures and information, your display should get the job done.

Displays are all about the visual appearance, and the hanging materials you use are part of that. Find the hardware you need at Systematic Art here.