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3 Benefits To Museums Using Hanging Systems

     Every museum must eventually mount something on the wall. Blank walls would just be wrong in a venue full of art. But when they put up their art, many museums reach for the old standbys: tape, hammer, and nails. These are fine, but there is a better way. You can purchase a hanging system consisting of tracks and fastening clips. You simply mount the track on the wall, slide your artwork onto the clips and click the art into place. This has three benefits over the traditional methods.


    There is no need to get a new nail when you want to change your art display. You can unhook the last piece from the clips, apply them to the new piece, and you are ready for your new exhibit. This saves the people setting up the display the hassle of hunting for a nail. It will let you conserve your nails for other projects, too, which saves you a lot of hassle when buying supplies for your exhibits.

Preserve The Walls

     Artwork can get heavy and that means that putting the full weight of the work on one or two nails can strain the wall. The wall-mounted tracks spread out the weight of the artwork over a bigger area, making it far gentler on your walls. Plus, you don't have to find a new spot to hammer a nail into the wall when you hang a new picture. This means fewer holes in the plaster.

Preserve The Art

     Wall-mounted rails are gentle on the frames. There isn't any straining against wire and gravity while it hangs. Most importantly, it's a secure way to hang the art so there is less of a chance that your pieces will get knocked over by careless handling or tremors. You don't want to have your piece's glass front cracked.

     If you think your operation could benefit from a hanging system, contact us. We have great art hanging systems that your museum will love.