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  • Create A Durable And Flexible Display System By Using Acrylic

    As a retail store owner, do you understand how important the fixtures in your store are? While it is important that your store fixtures are durable and flexible, it is also important that you make sure your store fixtures have a certain style about them. You may want something that does not require you to do an extensive amount of maintenance and repairs. 

    For these reasons, many store owners start using acrylic display systems. Acrylic is a plastic material that is used when you do not want to use glass material. While acrylic is outstanding to be used as part of your display, it is also used as a protective material. Its versatility and price make it extremely beneficial to a variety of industries.

    There are many advantages of using acrylic displays as a store fixture. One of the great advantages of making a display system using acrylic is its strength. It may not look like it has a great amount of strength, but acrylic will be able to hold more weight than you may think it can. When something has a strength to it, it usually comes with the durability you need. 

    When you want potential customers to learn things about your company, you will be able to appreciate the transparency of acrylic. Acrylic will be clear across all areas which make it easy for your customers to read everything you have placed in the pockets of your display system. 

    You will not be limited to what you can use your acrylic display system for. You will have a variety of options on how to set up your display; you will even be able to decide on the type of shapes you want your acrylic display system to have. 

    At Systematic Art, we have acrylic display systems to fit the needs of your company. Contact us today for more information. 

  • Invisible Functionality of Museum Hardware

    You walk into the museum gallery with eager anticipation of seeing your favorite Renaissance painting "face to face".  The parameter of the room is dark. The paintings line the walls with individual spot lighting that illuminates their depth and beauty. The painting beckons you and feel the intense emotion of the art and the artist. You do not notice how the painting hangs within the space. You only notice the art.

    In the museum display world, this reaction is what you want when you create a new exhibit or gallery show.  Objects that appear suspended and displayed within a space in a manner that draws the visitor and viewer into an immediate, deep, intimate, connection with the artifacts.  But, while it sounds simple, pulling it off without the help of a professional picture hanging system is virtually impossible. 

    There are several key components to consider when selecting a picture hanging system over the traditional "hammer and nail" method: 

    1. Museum and art galleries frequently change exhibits to keep themselves fresh and relevant to their visitors. The method used to hang objects on the wall needs to meet that increased demand for safe, efficient rotation of artifacts. 
    2. Museums do not have the time, staff or money necessary to resurface and repaint gallery walls each time an exhibit changes. Using a picture hanging system eliminates nail holes and wall damage with less downtime to rotate objects and exhibits. 
    3. Picture hanging systems offer increased security and safety for art and other objects on display. The method used to hang the artifacts eliminates the potential opportunity for a visitor to bump an object off the wall. 

    Using a quality picture hanging system creates a beautiful and invisible method to display and protect precious wall objects in your home, office, gallery or museum exhibit.  Invisibility, plus high function, equals a beautiful engaging display that allows your art to shine as the true center of attention. 

  • Could Your Office Use Display Systems?

        You and your co-workers spend a lot of time in your office. You will notice how information is displayed there, and it will affect the work environment. Museum-quality display systems, such as poster hangers, may be what you need to get the most out of your office space.

       Practically every break room has a poster or two in it. Generally, one will outline the rights of employees and will need changing out once a year as employers receive new ones. Sometimes there will be motivational posters or signs about company policy. These need occasional changing, too. A poster hanging system will let you easily switch the updated posters without leaving bits of the old one behind. It will keep them looking professional and suitable for work in between changes, and it won't hurt your wall. It just looks shabby to have a pattern of pinholes wherever you change out posters often, and a cleaner break room makes workers more comfortable on their breaks.

       In more public spaces, it is handy to hang signs for visitors. Whether you are taking someone to interview for a position, giving a client a tour, or holding a meeting with customers, posters and signs can help set the mood and display your company's values. It can convey basic information, such as when you set up meetings, so that your coworkers don't have to spend time answering the same questions over and over. Nicely done signs add to the excitement of campaigns and let everyone know your stance. A sign suspension kit can let you display this information in a way that looks professional and makes your co-workers look good. It will keep signs from coming loose and getting lost.   

       Signs and posters that look crisp and change regularly contribute to a comfortable workplace atmosphere. Your office looks and feels as though people are accomplishing things and have the energy to pay attention to the details. Professional display systems keep that appearance up by preserving the walls of the office and keeping signs and posters neat. 

       Your time in the office should be comfortable, and Systematic Art would like to contribute to that with their display systems. Contact us if you are interested in our hanging solutions.

  • Weighing your Options with Cable Hanging Systems

    Your pictures are ready to be mounted. You've decided that you love the idea of a cable hanging system because it gives a subtler presentation than our metal rods, and because, with ceiling mounted rails, cables enable your dream of creating that perfect "floating" look for your installation - especially if you use nylon cables! But then you pause and start to worry you might need to sacrifice your dream to accommodate the safety and strength of your hanging system. Because how could nylon possibly hold up to stainless steel cables? 

    It's true, most stainless steel cables can hold about double the weight of the nylon cables - our heavy-duty stainless steel J-Hook cable can easily hold up to 154 lbs! Next to that, the nylon Loop End cable seems like an amateur with its rating for only 12 lbs.

    But nylon doesn’t necessarily mean weaker than stainless steel. Just consider that the nylon Cylinder Cable can hold up to 24 lbs compared with the 26 lbs capacity of the stainless steel Cobra Cable. So when you're weighing your options (and your artwork), you need to consider the style of the cable as well as the material if you want to achieve optimal function, both in terms of strength and aesthetics. But you're not done there. Next you'll also have to choose cable hooks that will work best for your purpose; different hooks are rated for different strengths.

    If weight and strength requirements don't dictate your hanging choices, nylon cables offer more economical options for those who watch their budgets carefully. But when every pound and ounce matters (and needs to remain as invisible as possible), the stainless steel cable hanging system is the better choice. However, if even the stainless steel cables don't promise the strength you need, perhaps take another look at the rod systems which will provide the most durability and strength. 

    And of course, feel free to contact us when you're ready to weigh your options. 

  • The Gold Standard In Gallery Rail Systems

    If you own a museum or an art gallery, then you know getting your art onto the wall is a little more complicated than it is for residential wall-hangings. You need a solution that is going to not only stand the test of time, but also accommodate artwork of varying shapes sizes and weights.

    When you are displaying large quantities of pictures paintings, you cannot have a system in place for each individual piece. A large turnover is a reality for most galleries. So you need a system in place that can be used again and again yet still be inconspicuous and elegant.

    A quality rail system is often the best solution in situations like this. Let’s, face it, art is not what it used to be. Not only are the sizes and shapes constantly changing, but many works of art are simply heavy! You need a system in place that can meet the demanding weight challenges of today’s art without looking bulky or obvious. Today’s rail systems can handle pieces that weigh up to 250lbs in some cases. They can even be mounted on the ceiling in situations that call for a unique hanging option.

    Once these systems are in place it is also easy to handle a high turnover. With a wide variety of cables and hooks that will fit the rail systems, hanging that new picture or painting is easier than ever.

    At Systematic Art we specialize in providing hanging systems for museums and galleries. However, we also provide solutions for any home or business that wants to decorate their walls or even advertise their products and services. Contact us today. We can provide display systems that are catered to your individual needs!

  • Why Do You Need Quality Picture Hanging Systems?

    If you run a business and have a store front or office space, having art and signage is important to your success. But you want to make sure your pictures and signs are hung tastefully and securely. That is why Systematic Art offers a wide selection of picture hanging systems to meet all of your needs. 

    Banners and signage are essential for marketing and branding. Whether the art displayed is for office morale or in the window of your store front, Systematic Art has a solution for you. We offer picture rails so you can hang a number of pictures or signs on the same wall, tension display systems to hang a sign in space, and poster and banner hanging kits. 

    Even if you don't have a store front but are a business with an office space, hanging art on the walls keeps the space looking well cared for and intentional. Your employees will appreciate having something pleasant or beautiful to look at throughout the day. 

    While our initial market were museums and corporations, we realized that small businesses, galleries, and individuals also need quality picture hanging systems. Our products we can help anyone display their art professionally. And despite our quality, our affordable pricing works for anyone. For us, hanging art is an art in and of itself and we offer hanging systems that will beautiful your space and not detract from what you want to display. For more information on picture hanging systems from Systematic Art, contact us today.

  • Hardware For Signs And Banners: Hanging Signs From Your Ceiling

    Are you interested in learning more about hanging your store banners and signs from a ceiling? Would you like to hang the signs the right way? One of the keys to creating indoor signage that is visually appealing is to have the appropriate hardware for signs and banners. When you use professional hanging displays, you can make all of your hanging displays look appealing and clean at all times.

    Promotional signs will increase the visual appeal of your store while improving the overall shopping experience in your store. If you choose not to use the appropriate signs and support, your signs and banners will either fall, become broken, or become bent. If your signs are falling or bending, your store will not have that clean and appealing look you want. We want to help you hang your signs and banners the right way.

    If your signs and banners are flimsy, you will definitely need to have the right hardware. When you use banner hangers, it will be much easier for you to display your signs from your ceilings.

    Banner hangers will do a great job at holding your signs, but you will need to make sure your signs will remain steady. Stabilizers for your banners will be the key to ensuring your banners will not constantly flap or curl. At Systematic Art, we have the hardware and tools you need to market your store and products with professional-looking signs and banners.

    For more information on hanging your signs and banners from the ceiling, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

  • 5 Tips on Succeeding at Art Fair and Festivals

    One way of getting your artwork out there, even to people who normally don't visit art galleries, is by attending an art fair or festival. You can get your name out there as an artist and even make a few extra sales. Here are some tips for success. 

    Don't Just Use a Table

    Don't just lay your artwork down on a table. It's hard to see and won't attract fair attendees. Use some type of gallery system to display your art at eye level in a fashionable way. 

    Have What to Say

    Prepare something to say to people who stop at your booth. Remember that not all of them are art experts, so keep the conversation fun and simple. A good idea is to tell them a story about the picture they're admiring.

    Prepare Business Cards

    Prepare small business cards to give out. You don't have to be a full-blown art business for this; just prepare a small card with your information. If you don't have a physical location for them to visit, include your website that showcases your artwork. 

    Have Some Refreshments

    A great way to attract people is by setting up a few chairs and a small coffee table, along with some cold and hot drinks and some fruit or other refreshments. Put a brochure that showcases your artwork on the coffee table, along with some other art literature. 

    Hire Help

    You'll need some people to run your booth while you take a short break. You can even hire people to linger at your booth -- booths with people will attract more people.

    For beautiful ways to showcase your art, just contact us.

  • Damage-Free Art Hanging Tips

    There are a couple of reasons why someone would want to hang a picture. One of the reasons is to complement the interior of various rooms in a home, and the other reason is to showcase a painting or any other work of art. Hanging artwork or pictures on a wall can really brighten an area.

    It does not matter if it is a home or office, you will want to hang something on walls without causing any damage to the walls. If you are renting a home or an office space, avoiding damaging the walls is very important because you do not want to have to pay for the walls to be replaced.

    Here are some things you can do to hang pictures on your walls without damaging them:

    • Make a final decision on where you want to hang the picture. You do not want o place a hole in your wall and change your mind once you hang the picture.
    • Purchase adhesive strips that you can use to hang your photos or artwork. Adhesive strips are easy to use and they are also easy to remove when you want to take the picture down.
    • Use photo hooks that have adhesive backs. 
    • Do not use a hammer. 

    At Systematic Art, we have the hardware you need to hang your pictures or art without causing any damage to your walls. Using damage-free art hanging hardware will allow you to hang your pictures or art anywhere on your walls with the peace of mind your walls will not be damaged.

    Are you ready to hang art or photos in your home, office, or workplace? Contact us today. 


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