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Suspension Kit - Zurich

SKU EA-750-Zurich

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The Zurich Suspension Kit is used to hang signage, panels, banners, menu boards and acrylic from a single designated location.

The suspension kit is perfect for retail and commercial envoronments that include: Restaurants, Schools, offices, and any public space.

Once installed objects is secured to the suspension kits lower clamp with the provided set screw.

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    1. Base is secured to ceiling
    2. Cable is threaded through upper cable coupler
    3. Cable coupler is then secured to base
    4. Once coupler is secure, lower clamp is secured to cable
    5. Once the cable is secure, signage is then secured to lower clamp with the use of the provided key wrench

    Refer to the diagram below for more detailed instructions.

    As conditions are different from location to location it is mandatory to check that the top ceiling fixings are strong enough to take the weight of the objects being hung. The variable conditions of the ceiling may change the products allotted weight and sound judgment must always be used by the customer. It is also important to never hang items in locations that could potentially cause damage or harm to items of value, humans, and pets.

    Material: Steel
    Finishes: Silver Satin Anodized, Black Satin Anodized, White Powder Coated
    Lower Bracket Opening: 1/4"
    Available Lengths: 48" - 72" - 96" -120"
    Rated Weight: 8 lbs / 3.6 kg (Solid Structure) - 3.0 lbs /1.3 kg (Drywall-Ceiling)

    The Zurich Suspension Set includes the following items:

    1. (1) Ceiling Mounted Cable Coupler
    2. (1) Lower mounting Bracket
    3. (1) Mounting screw for upper cable coupler
    4. (1) Cable - (Length to be determined by customer)
    5. (1) Small key wrench for securing cable to lower clamp
    6. (1) Large key wrench for securing signage to lower clamp
    7. (1) Dry-wall anchor and (1) screw for basic (light weight) installation

    Toggle Bolt Anchors are required in order to achieve max weight load when installed to drywall ceiling.

    Rated weight pertains to the hardware only. Actual carrying weight may vary based on both installation and variable conditions of the structure.