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Adjustable Edge Grip - Standoff 1"


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The adjustable large Edge Grip can support panels and signage from 1/8" up to 1" thick and is secured using the supplied set screw.

The Edge Grip comes with an additional set screw to lock the panel support to the casing thereby making the the support tamper proof and perfect for public spaces. 

Sold as a 4 pack

This item supports panels from 1/8" to 1" 

For use with

    Adjustable Edge Grip - Product Image

    Additional Product Information

    • Product Information

    Material:      Aluminum 
    Finish:         Silver Satin Anodized
    Supports:   1/8" to 1" Panels or Signage
    Set Screw:  Nylon Tipped
    Security:     Tamper Proof 


    • Edge Grip Length:
           1-5/8" - 44mm
    • Edge Grip Diameter:    1-1/8" - 29mm
    • Slot Width:                    1/8" to 1"

    What's Included:

    1.  Barrel: (This is what is secured to the wall) Quantity 4

    2.  Edge Grip: (This is what slides into the barrel to support the panel) Quantity 4

    3. Nylon Tipped Set Screw: (This is located on the rear of Edge Grip and used to secure the panel) Quantity 4

    4. Barrel Set Screw: (This is used to secure the Edge grip to the Barrel) Quantity 4

    5. Hex Wrench: the Hex wrench is used to secure the panel to the Edge Grip and the Edge Grip tothe panel. 

    6. Drywall Anchors and Screws: The set comes with 4 plastic drywall anchors and 4 screws