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Standoff - (Silver- Multilayer) - Large


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The multilayer Standoff, is used to secure acrylic panels, photography, posters, logo panels and signage.

The Multi-Level standoff gives users the ability to secure an extra panel of acylic to provide an extra layer of protection when hanging in high traffic and public areas.

The standoff is perfect for: schools, shopping centers, galleries, banks, museums, airports, and most public spaces.

The multilevel standoff is available in two diameters: 3/4" and 1"

For use with

    Multi Layer Standoff - Product Image

    Additional Product Information

    • Product Information

    Material: Aluminum / Silver Matte Finish
    Diameter: 3/4 " / 1"
    Length: 2-3/16"
    Panel Hole: 3/8" Max (Size of panel hole to work with Standoff)
    Panel Thickness: 3/8"

    What's included:

    1. Standoff - (3 parts)- Multi-Level
    2. (1) - Drywall Anchor
    3. (1) - Anchor Screw