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Side Clamp - (Rotating) - Single Sided 3/8" Opening

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The Swiveling (Self-Gripping) single sided clamp is perfect for hanging art, signs, banners, foam-board plexiglass, and shelving. The Clamp is able to rotate 360 degrees giving users maximum flexibility.

The side clamp is perfect for window displays, menu boards, offices, conference rooms and in areas where items are frequently changed.

The Self - Gripping Swivel clamp uses 3 ball bearings inside an inner cylinder. Once the cable is inserted to the cylinder, the ball bearings move and grip against the cable causing them to lock.To release simply depress the cylinder with your finger. With cylinder depressed the clamp is then able to freely slide up and down the cable.Once the pusher is released the clamp then locks into position.

Side Clamp - (Rotating) - Single Sided 3/8" Opening

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Rotating  / Side clamp Single Sided - Opening 3/8"

Function: Self-Gripping / Rotating
Profile: Round / Singe Sided
Available Colors: Satin Silver
Opening: 3/8"
Opening Depth: 7/16"
Clamp Profile: Length: 1-1/2" - Diameter: 5/8"
Weight Support: 4 lbs / 1.8 kg

Side Clamp set includes the following items:

1. Clamp
2. Set Screw
3. Hex Wrench