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J - (Cable Rod) - Steel


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The J-Cable Rod a hybrid of both the hanging cable and square profile rod gives users a viable hanging solution suitable for art, pictures, posters and signs.

The Cable-Rod was developed for residential and office type settings and for users who don’t require the strength and boldness of the commercial grade hanging rod and alternative to hanging cables.

The extremely thin and robust J-Cable-Rod maintains a diameter of 1/16” making it compatible with our entire line of self-gripping Hooks, side screw hooks, side clamps, and picture stabilizers.

: The J-Cable Rod should not be confused with the heavy-duty square profile Hanging-Rod. For objects that exceed this items rated weight, it is suggested to select other rods available on the site.



J - (Cable Rod) - Steel

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For use with:


1. Sky Rail - ceiling mounted
2. Gallery Rail - wall mounted
3. Moderna Rail - wall mounted

Hooks and Accessories:

1. Side Screw Picture Hooks
2. Self-gripping Picture Hooks
3. Side Clamps
4. Top Clamps
5. Picture Stabilizers

Material: Steel
Rod Profile: Round - 1.8mm
Available Colors: Silver • White • Black
Available Lengths: Multiple
Rated Weight: 30lb / 13Kg