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Fastening Clip (1) Ring - (Click-Track System)

SKU A-FC-112

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The (1) Ring round, fastening clips provides a strong and secure
way of fastening Click-Track to The Wall.

It is recommended NOT to exceed the rails rated weight even with the
use of fastening clips able to tolerate more then the rails rating when
properly installed.

It is recommended to evenly space clips in intervals of approximately
8” / 20 cm per rail.

1 Ring Fastening Clip - Click Track

Additional Product Information

  • Requirements & Installation
  • Product Information

Helpful Installation Tools:

1. Drill
2. 1/8" Drill-Bit (For Brick and Concrete)
3. Phillips Head Screw-Driver or Bit

Material: Plastic Made

Package contents: (8) fastening clips (8) standard anchors and (8) screws.
(24) pieces in total.

One package contains enough hardware for the proper installation of (1) rail.