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Click Track Accessories

We have created a line of optional accessories specifically for the Click-Track system. These Click Track accessories can be used to help with installation, to join rails in various ways, and to add finishing touches to the picture hanging rail system.

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  1. End Cap Click Track Picture Rail System

    End Cap - (Click Track Rail)

    The End-Cap is used to provide a nice and clean finish to exposed Rail-Ends.

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  2. Corner Connector -  Click Track Rail Product Preview

    Corner Connector - (Click Track Rail)

    The Corner Connector is used to connect both inner and outer corners.

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  3. Track Connector - Image one

    Rail Connector - (Click-Track System)

    The track-connector makes joining multiple rails almost seamless while proving extra-added support for the Click-Track system.

    Click on image for more information:

  4. Click Track Clip

    Fastening Clip - (Click-Track Rail)

    Heavy Duty Fastening Clip

    The square profile fastening clip provides a solid solution for attaching and securing Click-Track to the wall

    Click on image for more information:

  5. Brass Fastening Clip - Click Track Rail

    Fastening Clip - (Click-Track Rail) - Brass

    The Brass Fastening Clip provides 20% more carry weight than that of the heavy duty square profile clip.

    Click on Image for more Information: 

  6. Ball-End Slider Hook

    Ball-End (Slider) - Hook

    The Ball-End Slider Hook used to accommodate the Loop-End Cable when using both the Slim-Line and Click-Tack rail systems.

    Click on image for more information:

  7. Ball-End Tensioner Image 1

    Ball-End Tensioner

    The Ball End Tensioner is used together with the Click Track rail to create a tensioning system between two rails.

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Total 7 product