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Self-Gripping - (Basel) - Picture Hook


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The Self-Gripping Basel hook is easy to use and instantly grips once the cable is inserted to the hook.

The Basel Hook can also provide an extra line of security by threading the cable in front of either the cable or D-Ring therbey preventing the object from detaching from the hook. The hooks spring and ball bearing mechanism uses the objects weight to crate a stronger grip.

The Greater the Weight the Greater it Grips®
Systematic Art Inc. Registered Mark USPTO 4,923,318

Basel  Hook® is a Registered Tradmark of Systeamtic Art Inc.  USPTO Reg No. 86-885,817

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How it works!

The Self-Gripping easy to adjust art and picture hanging Hook uses the weight of the hanging object to tighten against the cable. Adjustment of the hook is done by simply pressing the hook and sliding it to the desired location on the cable. Once released the hook is then secure and ready for the object to be hung.

1. The Cable is inserted to the Hooks plunger and it automatically grips and locks to the cable.

To re-adjust the hook, simply press the plunger using your fingertip and move to desired location on cable. Once the plunger is released the hook automatically locks.

The Self-Gripping mechanism allows the hook to freely move up the cable, but cannot move down unless the plunger is pressed.

The Self-Gripping art and picture hanging hook is composed of a spring loaded tapered cone with three ball bearings.

The cable is inserted into the hooks plunger, which then moves the ball bearings. A spring sets the bearings against the cable. The weave of the cable pulls the bearings up into the cone and locks them on to the cable. The greater the load the stronger the bearings grip to the cable.

The Greater the Weight the Greater it Grips®
Registered Mark USPTO 4,923,318

Self-Gripping - Basel Hook

Finish: Silver Satin Anodized

Rated Weight: Steel Cables: 32 lbs / 14.5 Kg

For use with: J-Hook Cable, Cobra Cable, Ball-End Cable, Cable Rods.