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U-End Cable - (Stainless-Steel)

SKU DMUC-600-U-End Cable

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The U-End picture hanging cable allows for hanging objects using both wall and ceiling-mounted picture rail systems.

The Stainless Steel U-End, works particularly well when rails are flush mounted to the wall. Additionally, The U-End cable works perfectly when used in either a two rail tension application our with our lower tension gliders available in self-gripping or Ball-End.

The U-End picture hanging cable works with the following rails
Sky • Ceiling Mounted rail • Moderna - Wall Mounted rail • Gallery - Wall Mounted rail


U-End Cable - (Stainless-Steel)

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The installation of the U-End picture hanging cable is as easy as just placing the Cable Hook on the rails ledge.

  1. To hang items using this hanging cable, first select your rail preference: Sky Rail - Moderna Rail - Gallery picture rail systems.
  2. After you have selected your rail you must then select your Cable Hook.

To view available Cable Picture Hooks visit our Accessories section.

Material: Stainless Steel
Cable Thickness: 1.8mm / 7 x 7
Cable End: Fused
Available Lengths: Multiple Rated Weight: 34 lbs / 15 kg