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Acrylic - Card Holder

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The Systematic Art Gallery & Museum Label Holder made from acrylic and is perfect for retail, offices, trade shows, galleries and museums.

The clear acrylic card holder is affixed to the wall with use of double sided tape that is included with the holder. If you like this product, be sure to check out the dual acrylic sign display.


4" x 2" / 100mm x 50mm
6" x 4" / 150mm x 100mm

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    Acrylic Card Holder : 4 x 2 - Product Image

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    Acrylic Label Holder

    Material: Acrylic Clear Glass
    Thickness: 3/16"
    Mounting: Double stick tape (Included)
    Orientation: Landscape
    Available Sizes: Multiple

    The Acrylic Card holder is manufactured with a 1/2" semi circle finger slide for easy insertion and removal of card.