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Cylinder Cable - Nylon


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The Nylon picture hanging Cylinder Cable allows for hanging objects using both wall and ceiling-mounted rails.

The Synthetic Nylon picture hanging Cylinder cable practically invisible to the eye once installed, can hold up to 24 lbs of weight and can accommodate a wide range of cable hooks available in our Accessories section.

The Cylinder Picture Hanging Cable works with the following rails:

Sky - Ceiling Mounted • Moderna - Wall Mounted • Gallery - Wall Mounted


Cylinder Cable - Nylon

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The installation of the Cylinder cable is as easy as just placing the Cylinder on the rails ledge.

  1. To hang items using this hanging cable, first select your rail preference: Sky Rail - Moderna Rail - Gallery Rail
  2. After you have selected your rail you must then select your Cable Hook.

To view available Cable Hooks, visit our Accessories section.

Cable Material: Synthetic Nylon 
Cylinder Colors: Silver - White Available 
Lengths: Multiple
Rated Weight: 24 lbs / 10.8 kg