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Company History

Systematic Art Inc. with over 20 years expreince offers innovative, museum-quality, professional art-hanging services through technologically advanced art-hanging hardware.  At its inception, Systematic Art served galleries, museums and, corporations worldwide. We quickly realized that our products could benefit discerning individual art collectors as well.

Over the years, the Systematic team took many unique and conceptual approaches to its installations that planted the seeds for the company’s development and manufacturing of its own dedicated picture-hanging hardware. 


We believe that art and picture hanging is much more than just putting nails in the wall, but an art within itself. Systematic Art’s picture-hanging rails, hanging rods, and cables give users the flexibility to hang, adjust and move artwork without having to knock unwanted holes to ceilings or walls while providing a clean, professional, museum-quality look.

Systematic Art Hanging Systems

After years of servicing clients through our worldwide network, Systematic Art Inc. in 2007 made its art & picture hanging products available online to the public for the first time. We are a company strongly committed to offering consumers a means of hanging artwork and pictures that have been around for hundreds of years, but with a modern twist.  Our hanging cables and self-locking hooks are an affordable picture-hanging alternative for all.  We provide our customers with a user-friendly, clean and attractive means of hanging art, a system that is flexible and reliable, a system that will make putting holes in the wall a thing of the past, and a system that enhances the beauty of the art it supports.

Systematic’s approach to developing great and useful picture hanging hardware was by first, listening and 
obtaining feedback from those who installed, dealt with and handled artwork on a daily basis. Prior to
manufacturing hardware and while in various design phases, the Systematic team would host focus groups
with those we felt to be knowledgable and who could provide us with the best and most useful critique
of the items we planned to manufacture. 

The people who helped and advised us along the way included: museum curators, gallerists, artists, art handlers, 
architects, interior designers, industrial engineers, framers, photographers and even the big auction houses.  

The first products introduced to the public via our website was focused purely on Art and Picture Hanging. We
introduced a combination of quality, easy to understand systems that included a commercial system with the
ability to carry heavy loads upwards of 300 lbs  and a residential system that was more decorative that could 
handle less than half that of the commercial.

Our classic picture hanging system consisted of three main components: First, the Picture Rail sometimes 
referred to as "Track". Second, Hanging Cables and Rods, the intermediary part of the system that attaches
to both the rail and hook. Last, the Gripper and Rod Hook that attaches to either a cable or rod and is the part 
of the system that allows for adjustment and is what holds the artwork in place.

The final result when using a picture hanging system is a decorative, modular, 
secure and easy to use system that will enhance that art it supports.

Suspended hanging hardware performs provides the prefect solution when
hanging on mirror, wood, glass, venetian plaster, expensive wall paper and wall treatments. One of the best
features when using our systems is that you save your ceilings and walls from unnecessary damage as 
our systems once installed does not require the use of nails, anchors or screws to hang artwork and paintings.

Over time Systematic Art evolved from just picture hanging systems to a multifaceted company with 
over 500 products that can be used in conjunction with products developed through the years.  Some of the 
products we introduced include: Suspended shelving, poster hanging systems, banner suspension,
 suspended display case hardware, chandelier suspension kits, panel hanging systems, drop ceiling hangers, 
acrylic window pockets and clothing poll supports to name a few.