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Solo Swivel Picture Hanger


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The Self-Gripping fixed (Solo) swivel hanger can be used to hang artwork, pictures or objects in a variety of ways that include ceiling, sloped ceiling, arched or wall.

Included with the Solo hanger is a 1.8mm stainless steel cable available in various lengths. The Solo hanger can be used with all of our Self-Gripping and side screw picture hooks.

This item has the ability to swivel (90) degrees and in two directions making this ideal for homes, offices, galleries and public spaces.

Finish: Satin Anodized Silver


Solo Swivel Gripper Main Image

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Application: Ceiling Mounted, Sloped Wall, Wall Mounted.

Rated Weight: 12 lbs / 5.4 Kg - (Solid Structure) - 3 lbs / 1.3 Kg (Drywall - Ceiling)

Note: Toggle Bolt Anchors are required in order to achieve max weight load when installed on drywall ceiling.

The products rated weight pertains to the hardware only. Actual carrying weight may vary based on both installation and variable conditions of the structure.

Solo Swivel Hanger Specifications: 


Diameter: 7/8"
Depth: 1"

Cable Thickness: 1.8mm

Compatible with the following products:

Stainless cables

Self-Gripping Hooks
Side Screw Picture Hooks
Side Clamps
Top Clamps
Shelf Supports

Solo Swivel Hanger:

Finish: Satin Anodized Silver
Available Cable Lengths: Multiple
Functionality: Self-Gripping
Cable: Min / 1.6mm / Max 2.0mm

Included with Kit:

1. (1) Threaded base: (Secures to Ceiling or Wall)
2. (1) Coupler (Houses the Self Gripper and secures to Base)
3. (1) Self-Gripping Mechanism
4. (1) Cable ( 4 lengths available)
5. (1) Dry-wall anchor and (1) screw for basic (light weight) installation.