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Self-Gripping Sign & Panel Support Set


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The Self-Gripping Sign and Panel Support Set includes both upper and lower self-gripping supports that make adjusting the height of your sign or panel quick and simple.

The system is highly secure because the set-screw of the lower support goes directly through your sign or panel and then secured with a nut.

Support panels up to a maximum thickness of 1/2” (or 12.7mm) and maximum weight of 45LBS (or 21Kgs) between two cables.

The Self-Gripping sign and support one of our most popular items is ideal for use in public spaces that include:

Department stores, hotel lobbies, libraries, airports, train stations, cafe's, convenience stores and retail.

This item is Sold ias a (Twin Pack) that includes both the right and left side assemblies. Also included are two 60” stainless steel cables. Longer cable lengths are available for purchase separately.

For use with: Stainless Steel Cable

For use with

    Barcelona Self-Gripping Sign and Panel Support

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    Material: Aluminum 
    Finish: Satin Silver Anodized
    Upper Support: Self-Gripping
    Lower Support: Self-Gripping with Exit for excess cable
    Lower Bracket Opening: 13mm
    Maximum Thickness of Panel: 1/2" (12.7mm)
    Included Stainless Steel Cable: 1.5m (60")
    Rated Weight: 45lbs (21kgs) when using two cables

    The Self-Gripping Suspension Set includes the following hardware:

    (2) Upper self-gripping ceiling supports.
    (2) Lower self-gripping supports. used to support signage/ panels. 
    (2) Stainless Steel cables 1.5m / 60" in length.
    (2) Anchors for drywall and (2) screws.

    Note: In order to achieve the maximum weight load it is required that either toggle bolts or butterfly anchors be used when installing to a plastered or drywall ceiling. 

    This product's rated weight pertains to the hardware only. Actual carrying weight may vary based on both installation and variable conditions of the structure.

    For use with: Stainless Steel Cable