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Wall-Mounted - Coupler

SKU AJ-769T-44

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The wall mounted Coupler is secured to the wall and used to suspend art, panels, and signage from a single designated location using either cables or cables rods.

The multi functional wall mounted Coupler can be used in one of two ways:

Option 1:
The Coupler is secured to the wall and used in conjunction with Cables, Cable Rods, hooks and side clamps.

Option 2:
The Coupler is secured to the back of a frame, picture, sign or panel and then attached to a suspended cable or tension system.

Cable Coupler set includes the following items:

1. Cable Coupler - Two Part Assembly
2. Set screw
3. Wrench 4
4. (1) Dry-wall anchor / (1) Anchor screw ( For wall-mounted installation)

For use with: Cable Rod

For use with

    Wall-Mounted - Coupler

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    Wall-Mounted Installation:

    1. Coupler is installed to the wall with the use of both Anchors and Screws.
    2. Once installed, the set screw is loosened and the Cable Rod is inserted.;
    3. Once in place, the set screw is tightened to secure Cable Rod to coupler.

    Sign and Panel Installation:

    1. Base is secured to the back of sign, panel or frame.
    2. Coupler is then secured to base
    3. Set screw is removed and coupler is placed into position on cable.
    4. Once in position, set screw is tightened using the supplied key wrench

    Refer to images for more detailed instructions.

    Material: Aluminum
    Available Colors: Silver Matte finish
    Rated Weight: 5lbs / 2.2Kg

    Actual carrying weight may vary based on both installation and variable conditions of the structure.