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Top 3 Reasons To Use A Museum Hanging System

Museums are a great source of inspiration, but we often don't think about what goes on behind the scenes. How did the museum hanging system become so popular? We've narrowed it down to three reasons that art hanging systems have set the standard for museums, galleries, and collectors worldwide.

1. Damage free.

cable hanging system

Museums will often swap pieces out or change themes. Would you take a nail and hammer to the wall holding a Picasso? It's unthinkable!

Picture hanging tracks and hanging rods allow art to be changed without damaging walls. One installation is all that is needed. To change works of art, simply remove the pieces from the hooks. There's no down time or remodeling necessary.

2. Adaptable based on size and weight.

art hanging system


As you know, art comes in all shapes and sizes. The Smithsonian, the Louvre, and the Acropolis have different needs. Museums must be able to accommodate a wide range of height and weight requirements. Screws are unreliable and can send priceless pieces crashing to the ground. Our Systematic Art rail hanging systems are affixed to the wall or ceiling with the ability to easily suspend a wide range of pieces on cables or rods.

3. The ability to hang countless art pieces.

rod hanging system

A museum hanging system offers the ability to hang a multitude of pictures in a limited space. Acrylic pocket displays are great for smaller pieces. Salon-style hanging has been a trend since Victorian times, and it shows no signs of becoming worn. As we have mentioned, ceiling and wall-mounted systems are especially great for larger, heavier works of art.

Museum hanging systems are not just for the pros. We offer art picture hanging and display systems for the home and office as well. Get the same benefits that the top museums enjoy. Contact us today to get started.

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