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What Kind of Banner Are You Hanging?

Banners are an essential part of advertising. Every business needs to get the word out about their products and company. Part of doing that is having the tools to do it well and across multiple seasons. If you're planning a new advertising campaign and you're thinking about the tools you need to have to do it, here's your banner checklist:

  • A dome-shaped ceiling attachment for three-dimensional banners. If your banner is in the middle of a stadium or a town square, or you have a booth in any location where potential customers can view from any direction, you need hardware that will allow you to set up the banner as a 360-degree circle. Not only does this guarantee maximum viewability, it's a unique display that will draw attention. Because the display hangs from the ceiling, it's also less vulnerable to damage.
  • A vertical hanging kit. Because banners are usually made from lightweight material and have a large surface area that can be caught by the end, it can be difficult to hang it without the edge blowing and obscuring the banner. Get a banner hanging kit that not only keeps the corners spread taut but has a bottom weight so the wind can't pick it up. A vertical hanging kit also lets you customize the configuration according to the size and shape of your banner for the best visual effect.

Different hardware lets you transform the shape of multi-faced banners into three-dimensional shapes, flat surfaces, and eye-catching displays. Go to Systematic Art to get the hardware you need.