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Use Acrylic Pockets to Display Art and Local News in Your Restaurant

Acrylic pocket displays aren't just for art galleries. As restaurants work harder and harder to become unique experiences that beat out the competition, having an interesting but strictly identifiable look is critical. Many franchises are accomplishing this by mixing local news and interests into their brand's decorations and style. Here's how to incorporate local news and community feel into a visual display without a lot of maintenance:

Create a grid display with acrylic pockets.

Some walls can't be used for storage, seating, or preparation according to fire and safety regulations. Instead of letting this space go to waste, you can hang a variety of city news arts, adverts for future community events, and even local art. Having a frequently changing display that highlights the city makes customers feel closer to your store and can even bring in business as people look for catering. Franchises and restaurants such as Which Wich and Applebees are well-known for hanging displays that celebrate high school events or draw attention to upcoming festivals, and that encourages repeat business. It's also a great way to keep customers interested and less likely to walk away as they wait for a table or wait in line to start ordering.

Why should you choose acrylic pockets in particular?

Restaurants can be messy places. Hanging art, news articles, or even just advertisements without a protective cover means running the risk of damage from spills and food stains. Your display should also be in a high-traffic area, so the papers face a lot of touching and leans. Keeping them in protective pockets reduces maintenance time and the need to replace things more frequently than you otherwise need to. The pockets also increase the visual appeal of the display and help draw more attention to what you're featuring.

Every inch of your store's surfaces is critical to keeping your business running smoothly and for drawing in new customers. Go to Systematic Art to see how acrylic pocket displays can change a blank wall into an attraction that keeps customers coming back.