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Top 10 Most Beautiful Art Galleries/Museums in the World

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, especially when it comes to art. When it comes to art museums, you might have to choose which is more spectacular: the architecture of the museum itself, or what can be found in a particular gallery display. Fortunately, having to make a choice between the two doesn't even have to be a problem when you can enjoy them both. Below, you'll learn about 10 art museums that will enrapture you with their extensive collections and/or the architecture itself.

1. Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy: If Renaissance art is something you have an avid interest in, look no further than the Uffizi Gallery, home to what may be the most extensive Renaissance painting collection in the world. This Gallery also happens to be one of the oldest ones in the western world, so expect to experience a historical aura.

2. Vatican Museums: When it comes to beauty, divine presence, and architecture, look no further than the glorious elegance of the Vatican museum, found in Vatican City. Home to some of the most famous classical sculptures and other pieces, these museums also boast the majestic Sistine Chapel and Stanze della Segnatura.

3. “Metro”: Combine modern technology and trends with more than 2 million art pieces in New York City, where you can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, otherwise known as the “Metro.”

4. Prado in Madrid, Spain: Spanish architecture gently cradles one of the most renowned European art collections in the world. Naturally, this is also where you will find the largest and most spectacular collection of Spanish art.

5. Louvre de Paris: Paris, France is home to one of the most famous architectural creations in history, combined with the more recent addition of the centralized pyramid. The Louvre was built as a medieval fortress of protection and is now home to some of the most important art the world has ever seen, including the Mona Lisa.

6. Royal Ontario Museum: Canada is home to what seems to be one of the most constantly changing museums in the world. Constructed mostly by hand using local workers and resources, this museum later ditched its terrace look for a Deconstructionist crystalline material that is absolutely stunning. It is also home to an amazing mosaic as part of the rotunda, and many other exquisite details.

7. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: This museum won't be found in the United States, much less Louisiana. Instead, look to Humlebaek, Denmark for an art museum that combines the grace and beauty of the landscape, architecture, and art itself to create a humbling experience.

8. Musee d'Orsay: Paris is known for its dedication to beauty, which makes the transformation of the train station and mail depot into an art museum no surprise. The structure itself was designed to reflect its elaborate surroundings, but is continuously being revived in order to display its own extensive art gallery.

9. Guggenheim, Spain: Not the only Guggenheim in the world, but the only one that combines titanium, glass, and stone in Spain to create an artistic structure built to house 19 different art galleries.

10. State Hermitage Museum: Found in St. Petersburg, Russia, this elegant museum exists thanks to Catherine the Great, who founded it in 1794. Today, it includes 6 historic buildings and is host to a collective gallery display of more than 3 million items.


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