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The use of the museum rod system expands the potential of excellence in your next exhibition

The exhibitions presented by a museum are what brings the audience.  One that evokes emotions, thoughts, and the power of a brilliant physical layout, builds the pubic's alliance in continued public support of a museum. To aid in the complex tasks of design to implementation of an exhibition, the Professional Networks Council of the American Alliance of Museums published the "Museum Exhibitions and Indicators of Excellence" guide in 2012.

There are many areas of the final presentation of the exhibition presented in the above document. The use of the museum rod system expands the potential of excellence in your next exhibition by increasing diversity, complexity, elegance, and physical presence.  Different spatial orientations increase human comfort, safety, and accessibility improvements for the flow of traffic.

An excellent presentation 
encourages social interaction by creating isolated viewing niches that bring viewers together while stimulating a response.  A diverse presentation takes into consideration the visitor's body height and visual perspective. The use of museum rods allows level and orientation flexibility to create multiple line-of-sight views from the same floor location. Museum rods are reliable and durable providing a strong back-bone 
for the length of the exhibition period. 

The engineering concept of the museum rod system consists of three individual entities. A horizontal rail system which is either mounted on the wall or the ceiling, a stainless steel rod which hooks on to the rail in such fashion as to allow horizontal movement, and a rod hook attached to the art piece. To understand the selection and variability available for the museum rod system it is best to contact experts in this field. We at Systematic Art provide a friendly atmosphere where our ongoing customer relationships and questions are the most important.  Allow us to present our experience, knowledge  and product line today.