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Suspension Systems for Hanging Systems

Most hanging systems are hung from the wall with screws, nails or adhesives in a haphazard way that is not enhance the art or painting. Thinking about the hanging system in a more comprehensive way can significantly enhance the look and feel of the artwork. For that reason, more people are thinking about hanging using unique, sophisticated and artistic suspension systems.

The suspension systems can hang from a single location or multiple locations, depending on the weight and design of the art. They are often a bit springy and may have a lot of slack in the string connector.  The Zurich suspension kit is held from a single location and is often used for art or light objects. The Classic suspension kit is held from multiple locations and often holds large signs or banners. It is more sturdy and can hold heavier objects.  The decorator must think carefully before choosing their suspension kit.

Decorators can also choose between rods, hooks, clamps or other connecting devices to the artwork or to the banners. The choice is dependent on the weight, the size and the location. Additionally, decorators will want to design the room's furniture, lighting and other art work according the hanging systems. That way they will act in concert to create a comprehensive experience. That enhances the room's feeling based on the goals of the decorator.

Systematic Art builds the leading picture hanging systems for artists, businesses, organizations and individuals.  They help to improve the look, feel and design of various hanging systems. For more information, please contact us.