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  • How to Choose the Right Painting for Your Home

    Choosing the right painting for your home isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to decide on the reason for the painting in the first place, make sure you purchase the correct picture hanging system, and decide on the other decorative elements that go with it. Use the information below to make the whole process a bit easier on yourself. Continue reading

  • Systematic Art to Curate Exhibit by artist Ron Agam at French Embassy in New York City

    Systematic Art is proud to curate and provide hardware for the upcoming exhibition by artist Ron Agam at the French Embassy in Manhattan.

    Artist Ron Agam creates artwork inspired by the French flag Artist Ron Agam creates artwork inspired by the French flag

    Agam, who currently lives in New York City, spent his youth traveling between Paris, France and Rehovot, Israel. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the globe and published in periodicals including Newsweek and Time.

    Inside the beautiful French Embassy in NYC Inside the beautiful French Embassy in NYC

    The French Embassy houses France’s cultural service to the United States and is located in the landmarked Charles E. Mitchel house, an Italian Renaissance-style townhouse located at 972 Fifth Avenue. Also located in the French Embassy is Albertine Books, a unique shop that offers a comprehensive selection of French-Language books as well as English translations.

    French Embassy at 972 Fifth Avenue in New York City French Embassy at 972 Fifth Avenue in New York City
  • Featured Product for Business Solutions: Acrylic Pocket Display Systems

    Let's face it, when you are a business owner you have a lot of responsibilities. From payroll, hiring, procuring supply, and so much more. Perhaps you are not an expert in art hanging solutions, or interior decoration; but luckily here are Systematic Art we are, and we'd like to provide some inspiration for a display system solution that can add a modern touch, and an attractive and efficient way to communicate clearly with your customers.

    acrylic pocket displays Acrylic Pocket Displays can be suspended at an angle to showcase property listings in a window.

    We would like to feature a real organizational and attractive tool for exhibition: Acrylic Pocket Displays. This product is a clean and easy way to create a wall installation that has a host of display options. The system works with parallel suspended cables that are installed onto the wall or ceiling. Then, sturdy but light-weight acrylic pockets are clamped to the suspended cables, without the need of wall installation on each acrylic pocket. They float off the wall, and the pocket contents are easily interchangeable, without the need to reinstall, or unclamping of each pocket. The clear acrylic pockets are durable and can be ordered in different sizes such as letter, legal and tabloid.

    acrylic pocket display In a "Railed Tension System" the Acrylic Pocket Display are suspended on stainless steel cables and wall-mounted Gallery rails.

    Display systems of this versatility are an excellent answer to communicate real estate listings, restaurant menu updates, amateur or fine art quality photography, drafting pin-ups, just to name a few options. This will serve as a way to create a decorative image gallery, a bulletin board, a document display; whatever your imagination sets out to transmit to your audience. The beauty lies in the simple interchangeability of your message, which is set to be cradled in the industry standard sized acrylic pockets. Your wall display is also customizable; with the simple addition of more suspension cables, and the employment of double sided clamps for adjoining pockets, wall installations can grow in the number of columns to fit your needs.

    acrylic pocket display Acrylic Pocket Displays are perfect for displaying real estate listings.

    Be sure to click on the following highlighted link: Acrylic Pocket Displays, to view the simple elegance of this affordable answer to your in-house communication needs and grab the attention of your audience. Contact us for ease in ordering and recommendations on dimensions that will suit your valuable wall space.

  • Above and Beyond: Ceiling Suspension Systems for Your Business

    Almost every place of business today needs to display signage in one form or another, whether it's the newest promotion, an advertisement, or informational material. Ceiling suspension systems for hanging systems allow you the flexibility to hang your sign in an innovative location while still displaying your sign's information to customers in an efficient way.

    Sign suspension kit ceiling mounted The Sign Suspension kit from Systematic Art is used to hang store displays from the ceiling.

    Suspension systems are ideal for retail and commercial environments since floor and wall space provide valuable locations for selling products instead of storing signs. Instead of awkwardly placing your sign in a location that inhibits posting information about your business, suspension systems hang your sign from the ceiling tastefully and securely. This style of suspension system is composed of a dry-wall anchor which secures the hanging system to the ceiling, a coupler that connects the anchor to a stainless steel cable which provides security and flexibility to the system, and a clamp that attaches your personalized sign to the system itself.

    However, please ensure that you're taking precautions when installing any hanging system. While ceiling suspension systems are made of the highest quality materials to ensure strength in a variety of situations, the capacity of the system varies based on the sturdiness of your ceiling structure. If installed correctly, the suspension kit can effectively support your organization's sign and improve the layout of your business's floor space.

    ceiling suspension system This retail location uses a ceiling mounted suspension system to hang signage on cables.

    At Systematic Art, we aim to produce high quality materials and expert construction for systems such as these to ensure that both your sign and hanging space are safe and secure. Contact us for more information about these products or if you're interested in hanging your sign above and beyond today!

  • Top 3 Reasons To Use A Museum Hanging System

    Museums are a great source of inspiration, but we often don't think about what goes on behind the scenes. How did the museum hanging system become so popular? We've narrowed it down to three reasons that art hanging systems have set the standard for museums, galleries, and collectors worldwide. Continue reading

  • Love Art But Don't Own Your Home? Try An Art Hanging System!

    Residential Art Hanging System

    Rental properties almost all share one common characteristic.

    They're boring.

    Of course they are.  The owner wants the place to be as safe, unoffensive and widely appealing as possible.  That means boring furniture, no bright colors and either no personality at all or keep it as generic as possible.

    But who wants to live in a white box with furniture that came out of another white box?  Just because you are renting your home doesn't mean you have to live in what the owner gave you.   Continue reading

  • Art Hanging Systems Make A Great Holiday Gift

    Season's Greetings from Systematic Art

    With the holiday season creeping up, many of us find ourselves in the difficult position of buying a gift for someone who has everything. What to get? Art is always a wonderful choice. You can also go one step further and impress the recipient by giving an art hanging system to complement your special gift. If you are not sure what particular piece of art to give that special someone consider the following factors: type, style, message, and personal connection. Continue reading

  • Art Hanging Top 10

    Our ten most helpful and innovative art and picture hanging tips!

    Our customers are always asking us for art hanging ideas that can complement their Systematic Art hanging system. In today's post, we'll present ten of our most favorite art hanging tips that make sure you're getting the most out of your display and may inspire you to give yourself an artwork makeover. Continue reading

  • Art Hanging Systems 101

    What’s an Art Hanging System and How Does It Work?

    At Systematic Art, we get asked this question all the time.  So for our first post we thought we’d introduce the very basics of an art or picture hanging system. Since this will be the primary focus of this blog, we wanted to discuss some of the components, features, and terms that will be used over the course of our posts.

    The basic art hanging system is simply comprised of 3 parts: track, hanger, and hook.

    Continue reading

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