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Museum Hardware to Protect Collections

Protecting displayed items in a museum is a crucial part of a museum's responsibilities. There are a number of harmful environmental factors to consider. Specific museum hardware assists in creating a safe surroundings for exhibited items. Below are the most common issues museums face and hardware solutions to solve these problems.



Light is one of the most damaging environmental factors. It causes chemical reactions that break down materials and fade colors. UV rays are the most harmful. There are a few ways to limit UV exposure. You can place uv filters on light bulbs. You can install UV filter film on windows. If lighting is not needed from windows, cover them with blinds, shades, or drapes.


Temperature and Relative Humidity

Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels should be avoided. It is important to keep a consistent temperature and humidity level inside a museum. The optimal conditions are 72 degrees and humidity levels of approximately 45–55 percent. The primary hardware required to achieve suitable temperature and humidity is an HVAC system. A quality HVAC system that is in proper working order is the best way to control temperature and humidity.


Air Pollution

The two types of air pollution museums are concerned with include particulates and gaseous pollutants. Dust, soil, and pollen are examples of particulates. Gaseous pollutants comprise things like ozone, nitrogen oxide, and peroxide. Placing items inside display cases, rather than in the open air, helps safeguard items from particulates. Display cases are a central part of creating a secure environment for collections. Vent filters should be regularly changed in all heating and air conditioning vents. Again, a quality HVAC system is useful in producing an appropriate environment. Regular cleaning is foremost and housekeepers should avoid using harsh cleaning products.



Pest infestation is a serious problem for a museum. Prevention is key. The leading method to prevent pests is to discourage them from entering the building. Make sure doors and windows are correctly sealed. Regulating temperatures and good housekeeping also deter pests. Hardware that can assist include display cases, sealed storage containers, shelving units, and hanging systems to keep articles off the floor.


It is important to protect and preserve museum collections and exhibits. Precise actions and hardware are available to facilitate in creating a proper environment. Understanding the risks and taking necessary steps will ensure your museum items remain flawless.


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