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How to Jazz Up Your Displays with Ceiling Mounted Cable Systems

Different venues need different styles, and different types of art call for different displays. And ceiling mounted cable systems are the perfect hardware if you're looking for a solid system that provides flexibility, security, and an understated backdrop that keeps the focus on the art. Here's how:

  • Ceiling mounted cable systems don't damage walls. It doesn't matter whether you have a dedicated space for your displays or you're renting new locations on a weekly or daily basis to hang your artwork: damaging the walls with display hardware is bad for business, especially because most walls don't have texture and can be a hassle to patch. Temporary walls might also not be able to fully support the weight of your display. Instead, ceiling mounted cables leave the walls blemish-free and don't run the risk of putting too much strain on the surface.
  • You can create more hanging space. Many galleries and art displays are in an environment with open ceilings. The walls are moveable displays across an open floor, and the ceiling itself is feet above the top of the walls; even the overhead lighting is attached to the rafters or hanging beams. To create visual displays that draw the eye, or to make more space in a small gallery, you can use ceiling mounted displays to hang art from the overhead beams and connect the cables securely to the floor. This creates a display of art that looks like it's floating, and this interesting display tactic can make visitors even more interested in the art, especially if it's three-dimensional instead of a painting.

No matter what you're displaying, ceiling mounted cable systems add a fresh, minimalist look to the display and help keep your art protected. Go to Systematic Art to see what hardware would work best for you.