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How to Hang Your Art Without Damaging It

Hanging art is half the joy of making it. But a lot of the most common procedures for display artwork causes damage. Instead of only getting to enjoy the art you make or purchase for a short amount of time, look into the best practices for securing art safely and without damage. Here are a few of the most common mistakes to avoid:

  • Find corner hardware that grabs onto the edges of the paper without damaging it. Pushpins are one of the most common tools for fixing art in place but they poke holes in the corners and, without adequate support, they can tear free and make the damage even worse. But hardware with felted clamps or that lets you slip artwork inside of a protective cover is better both for the art and the long-term display.
  • Use plastic or glass covers that block UV radiation. Direct sunlight damages artwork. It makes the colors fade no matter the medium, and it makes the underlying paper brittle. Canvas and metal can last longer, and thins paints and inks are less likely to crack, but the only way to fully protect your art is to block UV radiation to begin with.
  • Make sure your hardware has two secure points of contact. Both in regards to the artwork's points of contact with the hanging display and the display's contact with the wall or ceiling, make sure there are two points of contact so your art won't fall to the ground if one point fails. While hardware rated for sturdiness and with the right weight margins is best, taking the extra precaution of securely hung art is even better. 

Securing your artwork shouldn't damage it. Go to Systematic Art to find the right solutions and what to avoid.