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Enjoy a Picture-Filled Hallway with a Properly Installed Picture Rail

When you want to mount a lot of pictures in your hallway to turn it into an attractive space, using dozens of picture hangers is not the greatest option because it leads to uneven pictures and messy walls.

The better option is to use a picture rail, which can give you a clean, discreet, and organized look.

Choose the Right Hardware

When getting a picture rail, you want to make sure you choose the right hardware as this will determine whether you are able to properly secure the rail into the wall. For instance, you need different anchors and screws when mounting into brick compared to drywall, so careful selection is essential.

Pick Rods or Cables

After getting the picture rail, you need to pick rods or cables for mounting pictures. If you are looking for a discreet look, you can get clear cables, thus making them the ideal choice. Cables are also a little more affordable, but rods are an excellent choice for when you plan on doing heavy mounting.

Get the Correct Hooks

To finalize the process, you must choose the right hooks. It is an easy and straightforward step, but an important one because not choosing the correct hooks will have you struggling with mounting.

Although there are plenty of ways to go about mounting pictures on the wall, investing the time and money into a picture rail is worthwhile because it provides you with high-quality and reliable mounting.

Contact us if you have any questions about our selection or mounting pictures in general.