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Don't Neglect Your Exhibit! Check Out These Sign and Banner Supports

A dazzling exhibition has a lot of thought and careful curation go into the final results, but have you neglected the small details to make your exhibit come to life? 

Most exhibitions forget about the most crucial part of the show, and that is the sign and banner supports needed to hang the advertisements. It's easy to get carried away with the breathtaking pieces that will be displayed at the event, but haphazardly hanging banners or signs on the walls with command strips or nails is unacceptable! Check out these three types of sign and banner support systems to ensure your exhibition advertisements are safely secured to the walls.

1) The Dowel Support

The Dowel support is ideal for hanging banners, the point of purchase and any signage that has a sleeve. It's sleek, clean presentation allows full attention from the viewer to be on your sign or banner without compromising the security of the attachment to the wall. The Dowel support can be adjusted for a diameter starting at 1/2" up to 3/4" with the supplied set screw as well, making it a versatile option for your signage now and in the future!

2) Snap Track Rail Poster Hanging Kit

The Snap Track Rail is a timeless style that provides easy attachment to the edge of your image to provide an elegant hanging solution. The assembly is easy and the kit comes with all materials necessary to mount your image to the wall in no time. The kit includes ceiling mounted brackets, stainless steel cables, and all hardware necessary. To make it even more simple, the Snap Track is spring loaded making switching out posters and lightweight banner material a breeze when in a rush. You don't need a gallery to benefit from using the Snap Track either- it's built to be perfect for residential purposes as well coming in various sizing options!

3) The Banner Hanging Set

The Banner Hanging set is as simple as it sounds, just attach the top and bottom edge of your banner to install your piece to the wall. This set is perfect for trade-shows, retail purposes, window displays, you name it! This set is essential for any clean, simple display desires. This set comes in a silver satin finish, as well as a range of sizes including 24", 36", and 48". If these options don't suit your needs, Systemic Art can also manufacture made to order special sizes and colors.


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