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Don't Let These Small Details Ruin Your Art Display

Small details can distract you from the beauty of your new art display. A crooked line here or mismatched hook there will eventually become the first thing you see when you glance at the wall. Avoid these five problems with the right hanging hardware.

1. Tilted frames

Most art hardware for home use comes in the form of hooks. They also only support the top edge of the frame. This means every piece will slightly protrude forward at the top to allow for the hardware and then will tilt inward so the bottom rests against the wall. Bulky frames can minimize the tilt, but you need supports on multiple sides to fully remove it.

2. Crooked grids

If you're trying to create a photo wall, precision is key. Even an asymmetrical design needs level edges and a lot of detail work. But if your supplies are limited to stand-alone hooks and nails, it's hard to ever get the lines just right. Use a cable system instead that lets you move artwork along a fixed line.

3. Holes in the wall

Nails and hooks will leave holes in your walls. At best, they'll leave behind one or two when you take the photo down. But if you're trying to build a more precise design, repositioning can leave your walls covered in holes. Instead of hanging each picture separately, install an art display foundation so you can change out your artwork or make adjustments without leaving holes.

4. Mismatched hardware

As you collect more artwork or take more pictures, you'll run out of hooks and supports. But don't let miscellaneous hardware ruin the clean lines of your display. Use a universal design or a reliable vendor that offers extra and replacement hardware.

5. Distracting hardware

Your art display hardware should be a work of art, but it shouldn't steal the show. Opt for discreet, minimalist hardware that looks sleek, small, or nearly invisible. Then your art becomes the main feature on the wall.

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