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Create A Custom Art Display With Your Art Hanging System

You have finally chosen the perfect piece of wall art for your office, museum, or home, but now you have to determine where you want to hang it and how you want to hang it. At Systematic Art, we want to make sure you take the right steps in figuring out how you can enhance your space. With the following tips and advice, we are sure you will be well on your way to improving your space in little time.

Find The Best Place 

When you want to hang your art, we encourage you to find places that will give the best eye appeal. If you hang your art pieces above a fireplace, couch, or mantle, you can hang the piece at least six inches above those areas to provide the best eye appeal. It will not matter if you want to hang one big piece of art or a variety of small pieces of art, measuring out the size of the space first will ensure you are getting the best eye appeal and enough separation so your art will not look cluttered.

Give Them Some Space

You may have some pieces that are bolder than others, and these pieces can stand alone and they will work best on their own instead of being placed on a wall. The art pieces you favor over the others should be given enough room to stand out. If you plan to place multiple pieces on your wall, you can make sure you give the pieces enough room between them. You do not want to place the pieces too close together because your wall will eventually begin to look and feel cluttered.

Find The Best Art Hanging System

If you plan to hang heavy pieces of art, these pieces are going to need more support than the smaller pieces of art. When you use an art hanging system for your art pieces, you will have the support you need for your art pieces. An art hanging system can also help you avoid drilling and hammering holes into your wall. 

Are you ready to create a custom art display? Contact us today for more information on our art hanging systems.