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Ceiling Mounted VS Wall Mounted: Which Is Right For Your Office?

     Every office could use some art hanging around. It impresses clients and cheers up employees. However, you can't leave these pieces just sitting on the floor. They have to be mounted in a way that is attractive and works with the interior space. There are many options for hanging art, but they generally come in two basic types: ceiling mounted hanging systems and wall mounted hanging systems. There are benefits to both.

Benefits Of Ceiling Mounted Art Hanging Systems

     When we talk about ceiling mounts, we mean hanging cables and rails that can be put up on the ceiling. These types of systems look official, as though you have a museum in your office. If your company has a classical ambiance and want to encourage your clients to think of your business as established and respectable, ceiling mounted art is one of those small details that can convey that image.

     Ceiling mounting is also a way to save space. The railing doesn't take up room on the wall, and it allows you to hang your pictures away from the walls, which can free the walls up for bookshelves or signage. Having that kind of flexibility lets you optimize the space of even tiny offices.

Benefits Of Wall Mounted Art Hanging Systems

     Wall mounted art hanging systems include click-track rails that can be easily mounted on walls and the cables that hang from them. These are discreet, and can blend into the decor of your office. They are great for holding large pictures, so if you have a big wall that needs decoration, you can employ large pieces. Wall mounted systems are also closer to the ground so you don't always need a ladder to put them up.

     If your office could use an art hanging system, contact us. We have a wide variety of both wall mounted and ceiling mounted systems that you will love, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your office.