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Benefits of Using Cable Hanging Systems 

Benefits of Using Cable Hanging Systems 


Using a cable system for hanging art creates a safe and efficient way to hang multiple artworks, allowing the installer to easily ensure the works are perfectly placed. The cable system provides a barely visible hanging solution, with cables available in either stainless steel or clear nylon. This hanging option is strong and will keep your artwork safe, and it also provides a sophisticated look. While this hanging solution is appropriate for any style of artwork and pictures, the cable system is especially suited to hanging modern and contemporary works as it gives a clean and sophisticated finish.


Not only do cable systems add a certain aesthetic to your hanging art, but it can also serve a particularly practical purpose. If you have a specially treated wall, for example, a wood-finished surface, this hanging method can provide an easy way to help prevent damaging your space. As it only creates minimal holes in the wall, this hanging system is also ideal if you are renting a space, or if you regularly rotate your art in a gallery setting. Cable systems are also often used when hanging art on brick, tile, or stucco walls, as there are fewer holes to worry about drilling, and the gallery picture rail allows for changing artworks and hanging styles without damaging your space.


When hanging art with a cable system you will need a picture railhanging cables, cable hooksstabilizers and tensioners, and rail installation hardware. We have a variety of option for the size, strength, and aesthetic of your hanging solution. To further explore these product and hardware options, shop our entire collection and find the perfect hanging solution for you.


If you have any questions about using cable systems to install artwork, please contact us.