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Advantages of a Picture Hanging System for Your Home

You've seen picture rail or wired hanging systems in offices, galleries, and businesses.  They make sense in those locations because they will want to change the hangings often, and don't want to mar the walls.  So what advantages might there be to having a picture hanging system in your home?

Ability to swap out children's pictures easily

If you have kids, you know that they produce a lot of art.  You also know that you want to show off that art.  Fridge full?  Putting art on the fridge puts that art in potential harm as well as those kids who made it brush past.  You could tape it on the wall, but how long does tape hold?  You also have the damage from the tape on the edges of the artwork to deal with when you take it down.

Ability to hang that 'beautiful' art that was a gift

Do you have a piece of art that you just can't quite enjoy?  Is the gift-giver coming for a visit?  With a hanging system, you'll have the ability to put up that artwork at a moment's notice so there are no hurt feelings.

Seasonal changes

Everyone likes to decorate for the seasons.  Imagine being able to change not just the decorations on vertical surfaces, but the entire decor of the house by switching out seasonal artwork.


The best solution is a home wall hanging system.  Not only will you not damage the walls, the artwork, or crowd your fridge, but you'll also be able to space the art however you wish as well as hanging larger or smaller artwork.  

Forget the fridge.  Use your walls and you can have a changing kaleidoscope of art that reflects what you want it to when you want it to without nail holes. Contact us to discuss which system will work best for your home.