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Above and Beyond: Ceiling Suspension Systems for Your Business

Almost every place of business today needs to display signage in one form or another, whether it's the newest promotion, an advertisement, or informational material. Ceiling suspension systems for hanging systems allow you the flexibility to hang your sign in an innovative location while still displaying your sign's information to customers in an efficient way.

Sign suspension kit ceiling mounted The Sign Suspension kit from Systematic Art is used to hang store displays from the ceiling.

Suspension systems are ideal for retail and commercial environments since floor and wall space provide valuable locations for selling products instead of storing signs. Instead of awkwardly placing your sign in a location that inhibits posting information about your business, suspension systems hang your sign from the ceiling tastefully and securely. This style of suspension system is composed of a dry-wall anchor which secures the hanging system to the ceiling, a coupler that connects the anchor to a stainless steel cable which provides security and flexibility to the system, and a clamp that attaches your personalized sign to the system itself.

However, please ensure that you're taking precautions when installing any hanging system. While ceiling suspension systems are made of the highest quality materials to ensure strength in a variety of situations, the capacity of the system varies based on the sturdiness of your ceiling structure. If installed correctly, the suspension kit can effectively support your organization's sign and improve the layout of your business's floor space.

ceiling suspension system This retail location uses a ceiling mounted suspension system to hang signage on cables.

At Systematic Art, we aim to produce high quality materials and expert construction for systems such as these to ensure that both your sign and hanging space are safe and secure. Contact us for more information about these products or if you're interested in hanging your sign above and beyond today!

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