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A Ceiling-Mounted Picture Rail System? Yes!

Most people envision a wall-mounted picture rail system when considering hanging art. That said, there are the visionaries who look to the ceiling. What makes the ceiling-mounted rail such a compelling solution?


Who Installs Ceiling-Mounted Picture Rails?

Museums and art galleries have discovered that wall art does not necessarily require a wall mount. Although these types of mounting systems are most certainly a staple in many venues, there is just something different about the ceiling-installed presentation. The same is true for business owners who want their meeting rooms, conference locales, and lobbies to present with a chic, contemporary look.


What are the Options?

There are different rail systems that meet your need.

  • Slim line. It all but disappears from sight. Pre-drilled holes make installation a snap. Use it with dedicated hanging cables or rods. The technology supports artwork weighing up to 65 pounds.
  • Sky rail. The product is a heavy-duty rail that works well with cable rods and hanging cables. This rail is the product to select when your artwork is a bit heavier. The system supports loads of up to 145 pounds.


Are You Ready to Take Your Interior Design to the Next Level?

When you have a beautiful brick wall, juxtapose an ultra-modern cable setup with the old-fashioned wall. The use of the cables creates the right look. By the way, this is also an excellent opportunity to engage the viewer by slightly angling the display to have a top that juts out. Of course, you do not always work with a standard picture or mirror frame. Sometimes, you have a work of art that defies these boundaries. Give it the appearance of floating with the ceiling mount.


If we have piqued your interest in finding out more about the advantages that a ceiling-mounted picture rail system can bring to your location, Systematic Art can help. Contact us today to learn more about your options.