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5 Tips on Succeeding at Art Fair and Festivals

One way of getting your artwork out there, even to people who normally don't visit art galleries, is by attending an art fair or festival. You can get your name out there as an artist and even make a few extra sales. Here are some tips for success. 

Don't Just Use a Table

Don't just lay your artwork down on a table. It's hard to see and won't attract fair attendees. Use some type of gallery system to display your art at eye level in a fashionable way. 

Have What to Say

Prepare something to say to people who stop at your booth. Remember that not all of them are art experts, so keep the conversation fun and simple. A good idea is to tell them a story about the picture they're admiring.

Prepare Business Cards

Prepare small business cards to give out. You don't have to be a full-blown art business for this; just prepare a small card with your information. If you don't have a physical location for them to visit, include your website that showcases your artwork. 

Have Some Refreshments

A great way to attract people is by setting up a few chairs and a small coffee table, along with some cold and hot drinks and some fruit or other refreshments. Put a brochure that showcases your artwork on the coffee table, along with some other art literature. 

Hire Help

You'll need some people to run your booth while you take a short break. You can even hire people to linger at your booth -- booths with people will attract more people.

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