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3 Reasons Why Your Boutique Store Should Use Gallery Hardware Instead of Cardboard Pop-Ups

Every store needs to showcase their products in a way that appeals the most to their target market. If your store is full of boutique products, high-end goods, and high-value purchases, then your display materials need to match the products themselves. Instead of using traditional posters, pop-ups, and other image-heavy displays that retailers use, switch to gallery hardware. Here's why:

Use more natural lighting to showcase premium products.

No matter how beautiful shelves and opaque posters are, they're getting in the way of the natural light that filters into your store. Sunlight is one of the best ways to illuminate your products because people prefer this lighting. Natural light also ensures your products don't look discolored, yellow, or dull. Even better, natural lighting makes even the smallest store look less cramped so your boutique space is more inviting. Look for cable and gallery hardware that can display images or hang products without blocking the windows.

Narrow metal hardware looks better than cardboard.

The quality of your store's hardware makes a difference. It sets the stage for your marketing materials, large posters, and more. In-store shopping is all about the experience, so the more you can customize and improve customers' first impressions of your store, the better. Instead of using floor-based cardboard pop-ups, hang display cases from the ceiling to make your store look like a gallery, too.

Metal is harder to damage.

Wear and tear happens. But it wears through plastic, cardboard, and poster board quickly. Even if your customers aren't touching the displays, UV radiation and product weight will wear them down. Switch to metal hardware and wires that won't fray, get discolored, or rip.

Making your boutique look chic is important, and nothing can make your products look like works of art like gallery hardware. Go to Systematic Art for the supplies you need to revamp your store's style.