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3 Reasons Why Commercial Property Owners Should Invest in Window Display Hardware

If you own a strip mall or other commercial rental space, everything comes down to profit. Not only do you want to reduce expenses as much as reasonably possible, but it's also important to get a fair rate on your units. Investing in high-quality window display hardware can help. Here's how:

1. Stop spending money on wall repair.

Frequent repairs are part of the business. Commercial properties often face more wear and tear than their residential counterparts, and that includes the walls. If your tenants need to frequently change out their window displays for seasonal sales, that can take a toll on the walls around the front windows. Those repairs can add up. Invest in window display hardware to keep your walls safe.

2. Get returns on the improvement.

Most businesses know what they need from a rental space. If they see that you have the hardware to make doing their jobs easier, they're more likely to sign a contract. Improvements also mean that more prospective tenants want to sign a contract, so there will be more demand and you can set a higher — but still fair — rate.

3. Upgrade the spaces for long-term tenants.

The best way to turn a profit on your commercial rental units is to have long-term tenants. Frequent turnover is expensive, even if you can fill the space immediately. So incentivize long-term tenants to stay by offering annual improvements. Not only does that keep your investments in great condition, but it also makes your tenants feel special. Make window hardware your next big incentive.

For the hardware to make it happen, go to Systematic Art here. Our durable brackets, railings, and comprehensive systems can outlast the wear from commercial tenants. They also have a universal design so tenants can make the most of them without being frustrated or accidentally breaking the parts.