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3 Creative Ways to Use Acrylic Pocket Displays

Acrylic pocket displays are often seen in commercial settings due to their sleek look, ease of installation, and ability to change displayed material quickly. However, these versatile displays have a multitude of uses limited only by your own imagination! Read on for three creative uses for our acrylic pocket displays:

Preschools and Daycare Centers

An essential part of early childhood education is art. Some preschool classes make new pieces of art on a daily basis, and children love seeing their art on display! Imagine how proud a toddler or preschooler would be to see their unique art on display for all to see in a neat, professional display. The best part? Teachers and daycare providers can easily swap out children's masterpieces constantly with acrylic pocket displays. 

Movie Theaters and Performing Arts Centers

Facilities that have constantly changing schedules, like movie theaters or performing arts centers, would highly benefit from acrylic pocket displays because they have the ability to be changed quickly and easily. Movie theaters could update their acrylic pocket displays daily with updated films and showtimes. Performing arts centers could utilize their displays to promote upcoming concerts, plays, and lectures. 

Health Care Centers

Clinics, hospitals, and specialized health care centers are all part of the largest and fastest growing industry in the United States. These facilities have a multitude of messages and information to distribute to their patients on a regular basis. Educational flyers, posters about upcoming wellness events, and more could all be displayed neatly and easily with acrylic pocket displays. Health care staff already have a lot of responsibilities on their plate; easy-to-use displays can make their job of communicating with patients much easier.

Acrylic pocket displays are attractive, easy to use, and affordable. They can make your life much easier, and Systematic Art is passionate about helping you find display solutions. Consider giving them a chance today, and contact us if you need help choosing a display that's right for you.