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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  • The Aesthetic and Practical Appeal of a Cable Display System

    When you're looking for an art display system, your considerations are twofold: you want the display to be aesthetically appealing as well as practical. You want to have your painting displayed in the best way possible, with nothing to distract the viewer from enjoying it. Plus, the method you use to display your artwork should be a strong, steady one which can take the weight of the artwork. A cable display system can give you what you're looking for, no matter what type of artwork you're looking to hang.

    Advantages of a Cable Display System

    A cable system is unobtrusive because you'll hardly be able to see the steel/nylon cables. Plus, there are a variety of cables, some lighter and some more heavy duty, depending on how big the artwork is. And this method can be used anywhere you like with the help of a number of hooks and clamps. So it's a good method for hanging various different types of artworks.

    Different Ways of Using a Cable Display System

    For a smaller painting, you can go with a lighter cable and a smaller hook. If you're hanging a few paintings in a vertical row, you can go with a longer, slightly heavier cable. And if you're hanging something heavy, then use a heavy duty cable with a strong hook/clamp to make sure your artwork stays in place.

    Clean Lines of a Cable Display System

    The advantage of a cable display system also lies in the fact that it gives you very clean lines to hang your artwork. When you use a cable system as part of your display, the result is aesthetically appealing and the focus stays on your artwork; it's not diverted to the art display system.

    Hanging Different Types of Artwork with Cables

    So whether you are displaying a traditional scene such as a landscape or a portrait done in oils or you've chosen something impressionistic for your display, a cable display system can work for you. If you're going for a piece of modern art which presents a geometric visual, the cable display system will, in fact, be a good counterpart to it because of its own clean vertical lines.

    Contact us for more assistance in choosing the right display system for your artwork.

  • The Purpose of Art and the Importance of a Good Art Hanging System

    Although we may not realize it, art is important in all our lives, in one form or another. Art is something that doesn't necessarily serve a purpose, like a table or a chair. It's something that we appreciate just because of its beauty.

    This doesn't mean that art can't have a purpose. It's possible to see a table or chair that looks so beautiful that it's like a work of art. But quite often, the only purpose that art has is decorative.

    And, at times, art may not even be decorative. An artist like Frida Kahlo, for example, used her art to tell people how she was feeling and what she was going through, even if it was often painful.

    The Influence of Artwork on the Psyche

    An interior without art comes across as incomplete. The interior might be a home, an office, a restaurant, a coffee shop etc. If these places, which we usually go to, don't have anything in terms of art, they might come across as rather bland. You may experience a slight sense of depression when you go to such a place, even though you may not realize why.

    So it's important to choose a piece of art that speaks to you and use it to decorate your bedroom, your living room, your office etc. And once you've chosen a piece of art, you'll need an art hanging system to go with it.

    Traditional and Modern Art Hanging Systems

    There are many ways of hanging artwork but the traditional way in which art was hung i.e., with a string across the back, always led into the artwork becoming a little bit crooked when it was cleaned or adjusted in any way.

    In order to avoid this, you can use an art hanging system which will help you to make sure that the piece of art which you've selected so painstakingly will be shown off to advantage in the space where you've decided to hang it. These systems are unobtrusive but efficient and will make sure that your artwork looks its best.

    Contact us for more great tips to hang your artwork and beautify your home, office, restaurant etc.

  • Hang Your Artwork Accurately With Picture Hanging Systems

    When it comes to hanging pictures and artwork, there is nothing that is really complex about hanging them. Sometimes, it is someone who does not really want to hang the pictures in the first place, but they had good intentions. Often times, this will lead to the picture needing to be repositioned multiple times and this will result in several nail holes around the hook where the picture was being held. 

    There are also times when a picture is posted in a particular spot because that is where the last hooks were positioned. Even if someone did not really want the picture to be positioned in a particular spot, it will stay in the spot because the hooks are already in place. Unfortunately, pictures can be positioned too high.

    Unless pictures and artwork are being positioned above one's fireplace, there should be no need to look up at a picture or artwork. You want to be able to look into the artwork you placed on the wall instead of holding your head up to look at it. When hanging pictures and artwork on a wall, we encourage you to imagine yourself as an artist.

    If you were working on a painting, would you position your easel so high that you would have to hold our head up and reach your arms up to paint? If you do not carefully hang your artwork on the walls, you could be missing out on an opportunity to create a sense of calm and harmony. If you do not position your artwork appropriately it can feel as if your environment is incomplete. 

    At Systematic Art, we have picture hanging systems that can help you effectively hang your artwork, Our picture hanging systems are durable and flexible enough to allow you to showcase the artwork in your museum, gallery, home, office, etc. For more information on how to accurately hang pictures or our picture hanging systems, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

  • Reliable Solutions for Damage-free Art Hanging

    When you're trying to display art, it's critically important that you protect that art at all costs, since this should be your primary concern apart from making it visible to others. In fact, it's likely going to be your most important concern given the value of some of the art you'll be displaying. Here are some options for making sure art stays safe while you're hanging it up.

    Ceiling-Mounted Cable Solution

    This system is easy to use for galleries or museums. It has the Easy System Builder that lets you create, buy, and set up a commercial-grade picture hanging system very quickly. Plus, most important of all, the system will protect your art, making it so that it doesn't put any undue stress on the pieces so that everything can be put up and brought down again, all damage-free.

    Rod Solution

    Instead of hanging from ceiling cables, you can instead use rods that are also ceiling mounted. You can choose here between colors for the picture rail, colors for the hanging rods, and the exact length and style of rod that you want. This way it will mesh well with whatever art you're going to put up. Obviously, rods are going to work better for certain types of art hangings over others.

    Sky Picture Rail

    These items are needed in systems like the Cable Solution. They mount on the ceiling, and they work well to safely display art that you want to hang in galleries and museums in any kind of room, with any kind of ceiling. They will work regardless of whether the ceiling is made of steel, wood, concrete or just about anything else. The rails make it so that no damage is done to the paintings themselves or to any part of the ceiling or wall structures in the room.

     For more information on hanging paintings, please make sure you contact us today. 

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