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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  • Your One-stop Shop for the Finest Museum Hardware

    If you're looking for museum hardware to augment your displays and make everything hang exactly the way you want, Systemic  Art is the perfect place for you to find what you need. Here are some examples of what you can find here.

    Self-Gripping Security Hooks

    These hooks have the safety lock for when you absolutely need for it to stay connected to whatever it's hanging. This could be a heavier display that you need to keep from falling at all costs, for example. This hardware works perfectly with steel hanging cables, synthetic nylon cables, or other products you can use to hang your displays.

    Tension Cable Kit

    The point to point tension cable kit with fixed anchor plates comes with three-hole anchor plates and a rotating pivot head. Again, this is for when you need some serious hardware to hold a heavy load. It's also recommended that you use it for pictures in an area where there are a lot of people wandering around. You can install it on a ceiling, wall, or floor. You also have the choice of picking a silver satin color or something more in polished chrome.

    Ceiling Mounted Cable Solution

    The ceiling-mounted cable solution is an entire system for mounting pictures in an art museum. That way, you have commercial-grade hardware for commercial-grade art. The cables are nearly invisible from a distance and it makes it look like the art is just floating in space. This way, art-goers have the illusion that the paintings they are looking at are just floating in space. By using the Easy System Builder interface, you can get it installed quickly in just a minute or two.

    For more information on the full variety of hardware available for your museum, please don't hesitate to go ahead and contact us today.

  • Gallery Rail Systems with Style

    Before an artist presents their masterpiece, not only does the artwork need to attract an audience, but conveys the message the artist idealizes. The gallery set up is another goal the artist must take on and transform the room around their art at its center. Gallery presentation is the first impression of the artist and how they want the audience to view their collection. Systematic Art provides hanging and picture rails systems that would greatly affect the atmosphere of the gallery and also the perspective of the art displayed.

     The Moderna Picture Hanging Rail is detailed, elaborate, and lightweight with the ability to withstand up to 100 to 250 lb of weight. It is highly durable and elegant, with its professional look, it is the perfect rail for new construction allowing you to change the rail's orientation to create top-to-bottom tension installation. Providing additional flexibility, but not limited to flush-mounted wall applications. 

     For those who prefer a ceiling application beside a wall mounted one, Aluminum Sky Railing serves as the ideal picture hanging solution. Perfect for rooms containing walls of brick, marble, wood, tile or mirror with its adaptability of avoiding damage done to walls. It can also be secured to any ceiling made of drywall, wood, steel, tin or concrete with great resistance and durability.

     Perhaps a more simple and inconspicuous design can catch the eye. The simple Gallery Rail offers additional flexibility by allowing you to change the rail's orientation to create a top-to-bottom tension installation. This happens to be one of our best selling items, favored by many galleries and museums. A good example would be to mount an upper and lower rail, but the lower rail would be upside down and giving the ability to create a tension hanging system. 

     The style should reflect the artist and the ideal they try to express to the public. Gallery Hanging Rails can assist in building and broadening the design and style. Using the online store,, there are highlight special installations, updates about current products and creative installations, and more. Including the facts listed above, all other information on the certain display setting can be found using the website provided as well as many other offers should one feel to add a sense of individuality when presenting their art. Feel free to contact us for more detailed explanations and orders within the near future.

  • 5 Ways to Protect Historic Buildings That Are Transformed into Galleries and Museums

    Many historic buildings double as museums and art galleries that showcase similar themes or time periods. But that use increases the risk of damage through daily wear and increased foot traffic. Using the right hardware can help keep some of that damage at bay. Here's how:

    1. Don't hang anything from the walls.

    Depending on the age of the building, it may be constructed from materials that are susceptible to crumbling and cracking. Many walls may be unable to handle the weight of displays altogether. So switch to display hardware that doesn't rely on the walls.

    2. Pull the art away from the walls, too.

    With hanging hardware and display materials, you can offset paintings and artifacts away from the wall entirely. This is important because authentic architecture is part of the visitors' experience, too. When materials are secured from the ceiling or stored in cabinets, visitors can examine the walls and there is a smaller overall risk of damage.

    3. Cover the floors with time period rugs

    Unfortunately, there's no easy workaround to keep visitors off the floors. But you can mitigate wear and stains by laying down carpets. Opt for period-authentic pieces, even if their replicas, to make the history of the building stay consistent and fun to experience.

    4. Use hanging hardware that's weight-rated.

    Hanging hardware creates a beautiful appearance once all of the displays are installed. But you may start to worry about the weight, especially if you're hanging three-dimensional pieces and artifacts Double-check the combined weight of all the materials and the hardware itself, and make sure the artifacts aren't rearranged into heavier combinations.

    5. Add supports in the ceilings.

    Just like old walls, old ceilings might not have the strength they use to. Have a structural engineer double-check the stability of the ceiling beams. Add supplemental supports as needed and hang the hardware from the newer replaceable materials instead as needed.

    For the hardware to get started, go to Systematic Art here.

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Boutique Store Should Use Gallery Hardware Instead of Cardboard Pop-Ups

    Every store needs to showcase their products in a way that appeals the most to their target market. If your store is full of boutique products, high-end goods, and high-value purchases, then your display materials need to match the products themselves. Instead of using traditional posters, pop-ups, and other image-heavy displays that retailers use, switch to gallery hardware. Here's why:

    Use more natural lighting to showcase premium products.

    No matter how beautiful shelves and opaque posters are, they're getting in the way of the natural light that filters into your store. Sunlight is one of the best ways to illuminate your products because people prefer this lighting. Natural light also ensures your products don't look discolored, yellow, or dull. Even better, natural lighting makes even the smallest store look less cramped so your boutique space is more inviting. Look for cable and gallery hardware that can display images or hang products without blocking the windows.

    Narrow metal hardware looks better than cardboard.

    The quality of your store's hardware makes a difference. It sets the stage for your marketing materials, large posters, and more. In-store shopping is all about the experience, so the more you can customize and improve customers' first impressions of your store, the better. Instead of using floor-based cardboard pop-ups, hang display cases from the ceiling to make your store look like a gallery, too.

    Metal is harder to damage.

    Wear and tear happens. But it wears through plastic, cardboard, and poster board quickly. Even if your customers aren't touching the displays, UV radiation and product weight will wear them down. Switch to metal hardware and wires that won't fray, get discolored, or rip.

    Making your boutique look chic is important, and nothing can make your products look like works of art like gallery hardware. Go to Systematic Art for the supplies you need to revamp your store's style.

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