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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  • Ceiling Mounted VS Wall Mounted: Which Is Right For Your Office?

         Every office could use some art hanging around. It impresses clients and cheers up employees. However, you can't leave these pieces just sitting on the floor. They have to be mounted in a way that is attractive and works with the interior space. There are many options for hanging art, but they generally come in two basic types: ceiling mounted hanging systems and wall mounted hanging systems. There are benefits to both.

    Benefits Of Ceiling Mounted Art Hanging Systems

         When we talk about ceiling mounts, we mean hanging cables and rails that can be put up on the ceiling. These types of systems look official, as though you have a museum in your office. If your company has a classical ambiance and want to encourage your clients to think of your business as established and respectable, ceiling mounted art is one of those small details that can convey that image.

         Ceiling mounting is also a way to save space. The railing doesn't take up room on the wall, and it allows you to hang your pictures away from the walls, which can free the walls up for bookshelves or signage. Having that kind of flexibility lets you optimize the space of even tiny offices.

    Benefits Of Wall Mounted Art Hanging Systems

         Wall mounted art hanging systems include click-track rails that can be easily mounted on walls and the cables that hang from them. These are discreet, and can blend into the decor of your office. They are great for holding large pictures, so if you have a big wall that needs decoration, you can employ large pieces. Wall mounted systems are also closer to the ground so you don't always need a ladder to put them up.

         If your office could use an art hanging system, contact us. We have a wide variety of both wall mounted and ceiling mounted systems that you will love, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your office.

  • Do You Need A Display System For Your First Art Festival?

    When you want to display yourself as an artist, professionalism is one of the most important factors that will come into play. It is also important that you respect the art you create and you respect the people who take the time to view your art. When you want to make a grand impression on your viewers, we encourage you to invest in a professional art display system. 

    We know that you may be tied to a certain budget, but spending money on a professional display system does not have to be costly. If you are getting ready to experience your first art festival, you can find an art display system that will allow you to showcase your art in the best way. At Systematic Art, we understand how important it is to appropriately display your art without going over your budget. 

    We also know how serious you are at making great art, and this is one of the reasons why we know how important it is to display that great art in an effective manner. We have display systems that are unique and different, and these display systems will give you the opportunity to stand out in the crowd at the art festival. While the art display systems will be unique and different, they will not take away from the beautiful works of art you have created. 

    You do not need to have an expensive display system to sell your art. We want to help you find the right display system at a price you can afford. If you are preparing for your first art show and want to find the perfect display system that will fit your needs and your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us today.  Let us help you have a successful upcoming art festival. 

  • How to Hang Your Art Without Ruining It

    Regardless of if you work in an art gallery or an office, hanging your art haphazardly comes across unprofessional and sloppy. You want people to come into your space and know you've got everything under control, but damaged paintings and sub-par hanging materials don't send a positive message. When you hang your art you want the piece to be straight and damage free, so your customers can admire the beauty of the piece in your space, but how do you hang art without damaging it?


    Picture Rails


    The first trick to damage-free art hanging is to use picture rails. These rails are wall mounted and can be installed at many heights. From gallery style mounting rails to a sleek modern looking option best for offices you can hang especially heavy pieces from these rails. All while being light and easy to install.




    This method is a different beast, to hang art they're perfect for glass, panels, acrylic pieces, and even signs. There are different styles and grades for different weights, and they even come in a wide variety of colors, ensuring they can match your gallery or office space's style with ease.


    Packet Displays


    This display option is great for a smooth display without any rails or standoffs. It's a smooth pocket which permits you to change out different paintings and pictures with new ones when you want to. Displaying the art clearly and crisply without an issue. It's great for displaying menus, photos, documents and artwork in every setting.


    Each one of these options are great ideas for any gallery, museum, or office. Regardless of your space, the options at Systematic Art are all crisp and clean. On top of also being built to both last and display art in a professional and pleasing manner. If you're looking for a way to display art professionally, contact us at Systematic Art we have you covered.

  • Using Art Hanging Systems To Bring Art Into The Workplace

    You have probably been told it is a bad thing to be distracted in the workplace, but are there times when it is not a bad thing? If the source of your distraction at work is photographs or other forms of artwork, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. Many pieces of artwork are used in many workplaces as a tool to boost productivity and increase harmony in the office. 

    We know there are many workplaces that are all about getting as much work done as possible and avoiding anything that can be a distraction. However, does this boost productivity or make employees happy? If you have a workplace that is enriched with artwork and other positive things, you can help your employees feel better and work better.

    Many employees who are surrounded by pieces of art will begin to work quicker without decreasing their productivity. Many employees are inspired to work harder when they are surrounded by artwork because they feel at peace and they feel happier. Artwork can also be the key to stimulating creative conversations, and when the creative juices are flowing in the workplace it can lead to improved brainstorming sessions and improved problem-solving sessions. 

    It is important that our office space is as inspiring and productive as possible. We know it can be a challenge for many businesses, especially when they are working with a limited budget. However, decorating your office walls with artwork seems like an affordable and cost-effective option that will provide you with benefits in the future, right? 

    The small and simple things in offices can have a major impact on the overall success of the workplace. Using artwork with the right art hanging system can bring more peace and creativity in the workplace. Fortunately, Systematic Art has the art hanging systems you need to surround your workplace with inspiring pieces of art. 

    If you want to make your office walls more attractive and help create a more productive work environment, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 


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