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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • What is the Hardware for Signs and Banners That Your Business Needs Today?

    You have worked with a printer to create some amazing signage for your company. It hits all the right notes. The corporate colors portray your brand message. The creative sign design bespeaks your approach to customer care. So, why use common hardware for signs and banners? There is a much better approach.


    Acrylic Pocket Displays for Menus and Corporate Histories

    Real estate agents already use the acrylic pocket display for listings. However, you can do so much more with it. Available in landscape sizes that range from 11 inches by 8.5 inches all the way to 17 inches by 11 inches, this pocket setup is ideally suited for menu displays as well as colorful renditions of your corporate history. In the process, you continue to present your brand message with gusto for clients to see.


    Matte Silver Standoffs Hold a Variety of Signs in Place

    The standoff is the quintessential alternative to the hammer and nail or the standard screw. This product is a two-part construction. A drywall anchor ensures that the sign mounts securely to the wall. A second part goes through pre-drilled holes of your sign. The item hangs between the two. This setup is a good option for lobby signs, wayfinding products, and imprinted acrylic artwork that may feature some of your brand message displays.


    Sign and Panel Holder Clamps Create Aesthetically Pleasing Displays for Various Signage Solutions

    Make your signage stand out even more with a sign and panel holder. A satin finish makes it the right pairing for acrylic or matte metal panels. When you need to find an attractive way of displaying ADA-compliant signs, this is the proper setup. It emphasizes the good looks of the markers while also complementing a contemporary interior décor. For a boutique, office, or storefront setting, this signage mounting system stands out in all the right ways.


    Contact us to find out what other hardware for signs and banners could be the right answer for your business' display needs today.

  • Do Your Home's Lights and Artwork Complement Each Other?

    Turning living rooms into art galleries is becoming more and more popular. Maybe you have a photo wall you want to emphasize. You might have a growing art collection you want visitors to see. No matter what attractive displays you want to showcase on your home's walls, make sure your decorations and your lighting work together.

    Do you have a track system for your artwork?

    If you have more than one frame you want to highlight, a track system is the best way to get a straight and aligned arrangement every time. It also keeps the visible hardware to a minimum. Even better, it limits the risk of wall damage, which is great if you're renting an apartment or leasing a house. Depending on the type of artwork you have, ranging from lightweight four by six photographs to heavy oil paintings, you might need different structural elements to stop it from falling. Look for a high-quality track system that has standard pieces and a range of hardware strengths so you don't need a completely different assembly for every change.

    Get track lighting to match your track system.

    You need ambient lighting that puts the focus on the art display. Interior designers are focusing on the idea of layered lighting for residences. Not only does your home work best if you have a consistent base layer of lighting that reaches every corner, you need task lighting and ambient lighting fixtures that make your home more functional and inviting. Having an art gallery and lighting it up with track lighting that draws the eye is a great way to make your home interesting and attractive to your visitors. 

    Don't use nails and hooks to secure your artwork. It can take hours to make everything hang straight and to repair the wall when you want to rearrange. Instead, go to Systematic Art here for hardware and long-lasting equipment that looks great.

  • Benefits of Art Hanging With Picture Rails

    When it's time to decorate, simpler methods of art hanging are now easily accessible to the homeowner. Picture rails allow the homeowner to have more creative control, and much easier access to hanging, adjusting, and removing art. Picture rails also give the homeowner a tool to frame their artistic vision on the wall, quite literally. For more information about art hanging, contact us today!

    What are picture rails?

    Picture rails are a thin piece of molding that runs along the wall parallel to the ceiling. The rail is slender and not cumbersome to the room. The homeowner can choose a different style of rail to his or her own artistic choice; the two mounting options of the picture rail are a ceiling mount and a wall mount. Hang your art from the rails via sleek wires or artsy ropes; picture rails don't get in the way, and they're aesthetically pleasing to your house guests.

    The main benefits of picture rails are that they are:

    1. Easy to Install
    2. Look Professional
    3. Don't Leave Damage

    These three benefits make picture rails the easiest to use, and the best looking!

    To install a picture rail all you need is to screw the attachments to the wall, then clip on the picture rail that has been cut to the appropriate length you desire. The method of the picture rail leaves less damage to your walls when compared to a hammer and nails - and it allows you to hang multiple pieces of art!

    Your wall will look more professional with the unique design art hanging, and it will allow you to get the perfect framing and alignment that you need. It beats the trial and error process that could cause costly damage to your wall.

    The best benefit of picture rails is the ability to change your art whenever you want, giving you much more control over the design of your home. The freedom of picture rails makes interior design fun and rewarding!

  • Three uses for acrylic pocket displays

    If you have a pile of acrylic pockets stuffed in your office supply closet, it is time to bring them out and put them to good use. Whether you are a teacher, an activities director in an assisted living home, or an office manager, acrylic pocket displays can both enliven the walls of your facility and efficiently display information. Try one of the following suggestions to get the most out of these versatile holders.

    1. Inexpensive Artwork Displays

    Teachers love watching kids blossom during an art or photography class and showing their work is a great way to encourage them. These classes often result in many different artworks of a uniform size. An acrylic pocket display easily turns a blank wall or hall into a student art exhibit.

    It is quick and easy to insert the artwork into the pockets and simply tape them to a wall. Or, you can make a clothesline from colorful string and hang the acrylic pockets with brightly hued plastic clothespins. After the exhibit is over, the durable acrylic pocket preserves the artwork until the young artist is ready to present it to a loved one.

    2. Protect Frequently Handled Documents

    Menus, training materials, procedures, and other frequently handled documents get the information across better if they stay readable as they pass from hand to hand. An acrylic pocket display can help make important information accessible and visible. Use a cable suspension system with clips to display the documents on a wall, encouraging people to read and return the items. Or, store multiple copies of the document in the pocket itself so it is easy for people to take one.

    3. Make information more visible and accessible

    An acrylic pocket display can help you provide efficient and inexpensive signage during a temporary event, such as a hiring fair. Place your maps, directional signs and other orientation material in the acrylic pockets and hang as needed. This inexpensive approach ensures that you can hang as many signs as you want, allowing your clients or employees to get easily to the correct spot. The streamlined frameless look ensures that there is less clutter than with other display methods.

    For more information on acrylic pockets, picture hanging needs, suspension systems or other display related products, please contact us.

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